Monday Blues: 7 Reasons to Own a Denim Jacket - Pluse Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Monday! I'm always trying to figure out ways to put together outfits from items I already own in my closet, while keeping them updated and on trend. Sometimes we need just one piece to change up our look and pull together a whole new outfit from our tried and true pieces. A denim jacket is one of those classic pieces you may already own from previous seasons, or just the piece you need to add for fresh styling ideas.

Take a look at 7 reasons why now is the time to pull out your old, or buy a new denim jacket:

1. It dresses down an otherwise fancy outfit.

 2. It adds a touch of approachability to a classically uptight look.

3. It's a comfy and neutral cover up for a sleeveless dress.

 4. It's kid friendly.

 5. It adds style to simplicity

6. It looks great with bold colors and patterns.

7. It balances and anchors flowy maxis perfectly.

Shop denim jackets and more below (click arrow for more pieces):

Now let's talk about Mother's Day. Nobody loves you and is there for you like your mother.  So what are you going to get her? Well, I have a great idea. Why don't you give her a custom skincare regimen that will give her the skin of her dreams? Forget botox...believe I thought about it, but cancelled my appointment after I started using my beloved Rodan+Fields products. At a fraction of the cost of any dermatological treatment and with the same results, you can get her the amazing miraculous skincare products that will change her life and bring back her glow. 

The R+F regimens were created by the doctors that created Proactiv and there is nothing that compares. And no one knows your Mom's skin issues more than you do. (If my kids got me a Rodan+Fields regimen for Mother's Day I'd be thrilled!)

Does your Mom have dark patches, sun damage, or melasma? Get her the Reverse regimen. Does she have enlarge pores, wrinkles, and aging issues? Get her Redefine. Does she have redness, rosacia, or eczema? Then go for Soothe (see my post HERE to see how amazing Soothe worked on my 3rd degree cooking burn!). What about adult acne or acne scarring? Then Unblemish is the perfect gift for her. She will be thrilled, trust me! 

If you have any questions about the products or want to join my team in this incredible company, I'm always available to answer them at

And finally, I'd like to invite you all to my home to join me in my next big endeavor: To learn about Tour de Simcha, the all women's bikeathon to benefit Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha. Lose those extra Pesach pounds and experience the high of your life when you ride into Camp Simcha! 

This Wednesday evening, April 30, at 7:45 I am hosting a recruitment party in my home! Learn about this amazing bikeathon, have fun chatting with me and other's who have done the bikeathon, and enjoy a glass of wine and some light and healthy snacks. The event is free and there is no obligation to sign up. Email me at to RSVP!

Can't wait to see you!

Until next time,

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  1. I love a good denim jacket, you can wear it with can dress up or down with it too. Lovely pictures. Have a gorgeous week doll xx

  2. Hmm maybe I should buy a jacket! I love denim overall! xo Caroline

  3. Denim jackets and denim skirts always work. I love that they can dress up an outfit or be the standout piece.
    Love the second image with the skirt.

  4. Hi dearest Sharon!!!!!
    I LOVE denim jackets!!!! By far they are a fabulous wardrobe staple & SO versatile!!!!
    Hope you had a great day!!!!

  5. I never thought a denim jacket would be on my shopping wish list, but as a see more and more ways that people are styling them I find that I'm totally ready to get on board.

  6. So funny I just pulled my jean jacket out this weekend, so I am glad I am doing the right fashion thing!

  7. Denim coats and denim skirts dependably work. I adore that they can spruce up an outfit or be the champion piece.

    Love the second picture with the skirt.