Spreading Love with Lovely Pink

Friday, August 01, 2014

I'm really scared.  The world seems to be spinning out of control into a state of total chaos and insanity. I have seen more evil and hate rise from this earth in the past month than I have seen in my entire lifetime. A thick fabric of lies and false propaganda are being woven into a blindfold that is blotting out the light and truth from those I previously thought to be clear-minded humans. 

And my baby* boy is G-d knows where fighting an impossible war for peace. I haven't heard from him since 5:00 am Monday. Remember the first time you sent your precious child to school or sleepaway camp and you cried? You worried all day if he'd be hungry, thirsty, bullied, hurt, or sad. Well, my son is in a hell replete with animalistic haters who would love nothing more than to see him dead. A hell full of bombs, grenades, booby traps and guns. He is there because he wants to protect the innocent, kind, democratic, loving people of our land (I am a personal witness to this). And some have the nerve to compare the most humane army in the world, full of our young children, to Nazi's? That's just dumb. Has the world gone mad?

Have we already forgotten 9/11? Terrorists worked for years planning the destruction of our beautiful Twin Towers with the aim to kill as many innocent AMERICANS as possible. And then after our hearbreaking devastation we had to watch as they celebrated in the streets. Guess what? The Palestineans celebrated along with their terrorist brothers. And now America won't even stand with its only ally in the Middle East? Americans, wake up! After Israel they're coming for us next.  (See this POST.)

Heavy, heavy sigh...

I know that I desperately need a calming distraction, so here I am blogging about fashion. I chose the color pink for today's post because it has been associated with LOVE and is know to have a calming and peaceful affect on people. All I can do is continue to send out a positive, loving and calming energy into the world and hope that it will make a difference somewhere, somehow.

Let's get up, get dressed, and smile at each other!
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Pink has always been associated with love.

I love people and I love this beautiful world. Why can't the hateful people see that only through love we can live peacefully together on this earth? Don't they want to be happy?  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that way. Happiness and life mean nothing to some. I just don't get it. But I will personally continue trying to create heaven on this earth instead of hell. I'm grasping at straws. Please join me in this endeavor by saying a little prayer and doing something kind today to spread only love and joy. Let's abolish hate one act a time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



*A mom always has the right to call a child her baby even when he's a big grown man!

Read more of my thoughts and watch my video at this Asbury Park Press article: http://www.app.com/story/news/local/jackson-lakewood/lakewood/2014/07/31/lakewood-orthodox-israel/13443705/

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  1. Hi Sharon, my name is Tziril... I just said a kapitel tehillim (psalm) to protect your son...Hugs to you and yours... Good Shabbos and besuros tovos

  2. Utterly beautiful and heart wrenching post, Sharon. I agree with it all, and am amazed (but not surprised) at your ability to keep love, and hope, in your heart. May this terrorism end soon, and you will have your "baby" home safe and sound very soon..

  3. Hi Sharon, i've been reading you for a long time but never comented but this time i choose to do it to tell you that what you wrote is the most poductive i' ve read in this days, all the people constantly sharing videos full of hate on the social nets, i agree with you, we should spread love. And about your son, you already are proud of him, but know that not only you are, all of am israel are proud of him nd the idf. Lets keep praying for mashiach

  4. keep you and your son in my prayers.

    Annie v.

  5. Dear Sharon, as I just had my manicure done and waiting for it to dry in this lovely spa ... I feel completely out of reality and almost guilty even if I had done nothing bad ... And I can't I admit imagine the terror that is inside you as your baby is in danger!!! My thoughts are for his safety and your strength. It is a horrible world out there and when we are lucky to be sheltered from it we almost forget how scary it can be even for us if we allow the evil to win. I believe in love and sometimes love is not enough and we need to be smart and not let the uncivilized humans hurt or over take us. Sometimes us democratic loving people are very naive. Europe is now slowly but finaly waking up from being overfilled with immigrants that are not trying to assimilate but enforce their believes on others with force. It is crazy but unfortunately some backward extremists and religious groups are not that small ... But there seems to be way too many of them hurting us and trying to dictate us. We have to stop being naive and allow that... I wish all is good and no harm happens to your family, love Zaneta

  6. Sharon I cannot even imagine how you must be filled with such pain. I am so sorry. My son is 30 and I struggle still that his life is not as perfect as I wish it could be. I so agree...why???? Must we have this horrible situation? I pray for your peace when you need it the most right now and that soon it will prevail. Your pink peaceful colors are a pretty reminder. Hugs.

  7. Sharon,
    Just wanted to let you know your son and nephew are on my daven and tehillim list, along with others fighting for Israel. May he be safe and brave.
    It does just seem upside down to me here lately. So much hatred.
    I wish your family and yourself a Good Shabbos.
    Love, Chava Canales

  8. Oh doll, am sending lots of prayers to your son, that he is safe and will contact you soon. All of these wars and fighting is really bad, I just hope it will end one day soon and bring everyone home safely. This pink is beautiful. Take good care doll xx

  9. Dear Sharon: I am the mother of three grown sons, and I can only imagine what you are going through. I worry about my boys every day while they go through their daily activities. You must worry about your baby as he puts himself in harms way. There is no comparison. I moved to Jackson, NJ three years ago and found your beautiful Lake Carasaljo to be peaceful and calm. As you look out on the water, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The world needs peace and tolerance, and I hope all of us can find it. I just subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading your posts.