A Day in the Life of a Mod Blogger at NYFW

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hey everyone, I want to get this post done before the dreamy details of yesterday are gone with wind, replaced with the average, normal, boring stuff of my real life like grocery shopping, kids, and organizing my brain for the upcoming holidays.

As a matter of fact the details are already drifting away like those little bits of dream you try to recall in the first few moments you awake...

My gorgeous new friends: Actress Alisa Reyes and Rachel from LA show us that fabulous pattern and color are, well, fabulous!

But first...I need to do my fashion week rant! As you may know, I have a love/hate relationship with fashion week. As I recently posted on Facebook:

Fashion week is like drugs or eating 3 cinnamon buns (wouldn't know about the former but the latter...hmmm). You just have to have it and it feels so good. Until it doesn't anymore and it makes you sick. And then you need to do it again." 

I don't live fashion week like some do. I'm still mostly a stay-at-home mommy, although I don't really stay home all that much and I do a lot of my mommy-ing via Facetime, but still...for every precious moment I'm in the tents at Lincoln Center, there are tens more that I'm not able to be there, and that's when the sugar rush crashes. 

But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, before it all disappears, here's a glimpse into the glam bubble that was yesterday:

Wake up, make coffee, pray/meditate, check emails, Facebook and instagram. 

Shower and do my makeup. Try on my #ootd, a gorgeous floral Milly skirt from Finale Boutique with a white button down shirt and strappy Louboutins. Full outfit post coming soon!

Wake Simi and make us breakfast. She gets pancakes and I get a slice of Ezekial toast topped with an omelet made with coconut oil and some added chia and flax seeds. I need energy today. I also prepare a peanut butter sandwich to throw in my bag for later. 

Say bye to Simi and remind her that I'll be home late tonight. I make sure I have my sandwich, Vitamin Water Zero, phone charger, business cards, and heels all tucked away in my oversized vintage Chanel tote. I'm on my way!

I pull up to Lincoln Center, change into my heels, and run into Mimi and Mushky of Mimumaxi. We all go into our first show of the day together: Deola Sagoe/Clan/SS15.

 The Deola Sagoe/Clan SS/15 collection is a medley of pattern and shape.
12 noon: 
I need COFFEE! I walk to Starbucks and inhale a non-fat salted caramel mocha. Aah, ok now I can focus. I run into an instagram friend and do some work on my smartphone.

12:45 pm: 
I meet up with Chani Itzkowitz from CreatiView photography for a photo shoot outside of Lincoln Center. Stay posted for full outfit post coming soon!

1:30 pm:
 I change into flats and go to Zara. Yes! I score a fabulous midi leather skirt and insane heels...because one never has enough shoes!

2:00 pm:
I park myself on a bench outside central park and facetime my daughter while I eat my peanut butter sandwich and chug a bottle of water. Oh, the glamorous life..

My next show isn't until 5:30 so I find myself at Bergdorf's, pretend shopping for a Lady Dior bag. My husband calls, and when I tell him he caught me in the middle of shopping for a $4,000 bag he just laughs. 

The nice Bergdorf ladies at Dior makeup pull me over for "free" makeup refreshing and I end up buying a gorgeous nude Rouge Dior lipstick for $35...a much more affordable guilty indulgence. 

I hop into a taxi back to Lincoln Center.  Simi calls to tell me she's home from school and asks me if I'll be home in time for meet the teacher night. Oops. I tell her I'll try. Double oops.

I stop into the uber glam Empire Hotel, home to fashion week VIPs and rooftop parties, for a phone charge and a drink. I relax and text my friends telling them I wish they were there with me.

Back to Lincoln Center for the Clover Canyon showing. I run into my friends Elizabeth Savetsky and Betty Gulko. We spot Ben Stiller who would have been more than willing to chat with us if not for his protective entourage who shooed us away.
My makeup by Dior, Skirt by Milly from Finale Boutique -732-886-3600
Clover Canyon Spring Summer '15 is a deliriously delightful collection replete with rich Asian inspired color and pattern!

It's networking time in the tent. I chat with fashion industry insiders...production people, stylists, editors, and design assistants.

Melissa Polo, Account Executive for Erin Fetherston wears a gorgeous (and modest) floral frock by...yes...Erin Fetherston.

The Erin Fetherston show is rocking. The collection is a gorgeous rendition of Spring flowers and feminine lace with lots of full skirts and midi pencils. During the show I receive an email invite to the after party. I've arrived.
Bootie distraction at the show by Giuseppe Zanotti

Erin Fetherston SS15

 The designer herself:

Ok. I can scratch attending a fashion after party off my bucket list. It really is super fun and I get to meet a lot of cool people like one of Erin's best friends who happens to love the concept of my blog and personally introduces me to Erin! #bestnightever

I bump into Betty and Abby from A LA MODESTY (twinsies again in our white button downs) outside the tent as we're leaving and we hang out and do some more fun photos. 

Simi calls me and asks me if I made it to meet the teacher and I tell her I'm sorry but I got stuck in the city. Here's how that goes down:

Simi (I can hear her friend in the background): No!!! It's not fair.

Me: Simi I've been going to meet the teacher night for 20 years, I know exactly what they are going to say. (laughter) I will call your teachers tomorrow.  I love you.

Simi: Mommy why are you laughing, it's not funny.

Me: Because I'm giddy from having such a great day. Because I know I'm a good mom and you're secure that you're loved and if this is the worst thing that ever happens to you you're one lucky girl!

Simi: (laughing with friend) Nooooo...Ok...whatever...fine. But when will you be home???

Me: I'm on my way.

 Home safe and sound. I'm starving!! I open all my cabinets and fridge and decide to just drink some water and go to sleep. 

Fall into bed. Post some instagram photos...Sleep!

And there you have it. Thanks for sharing in my day.

Stay posted for more details on the outfit and the best of NYFW street style coming up soon!

Until next time,



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  1. Wonderful. You look amazing as always, so beautiful. I love these boots with all the colours and gems on them, perfect!! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll xox

  2. Sharon!! You are quite a mover an shaker...what an exciting week for you. And you my dear look AMAZING....so glamorous, I bet it was fun. How did you feet hold up:) I loved the play by play....just awesome! Thank you for sharing...

  3. Sharon in fact I am going to include your post on my seven on sunday today, seven things that have my attention..this was such a fun post i would love to share it with my readers...felt like we are almost there with you!

  4. What a cute article! and you look great!! Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a fun day and you and your outfits held up beautifully! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. This post is brilliant! Very engaging and I loved being able to follow you throughout your glam nyfw day. Love you!!


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