14 Ways to Add a Silver Lining to a Dreary Autumn Day

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I hate to admit it, but yesterday's weather was proof positive that all of the excitement over the crisp change in weather and the transition to fabulous autumn fashion is just a meager silver lining to a long, chilly season with lots of dreary days.

But it's those bits of silver lining...and gold and copper too...that can really do a lot to infuse our homes, hearts, and wardrobes with that beloved touch of glam that just seems to make the dreariness all but disappear, if only for a few moments.

So let's take the silver...or should we say metallic...lining and go a little crazy.  Here are 14 fun ways:

1. When the sun is MIA, a sequin skirt will brighten your day.
Photo from my Instagram

 2. Create an ethereal look with a slouchy silver top; your spirits will soar like an angel.

3. Add a mirror finish to some of your kitchen (or office) cabinets and watch your space brighten and extend.

4. Contrast cold grey skies with a warm metallic sweater and coat.

5. Are you more of a minimalist? Elevate a classic look with a reflective belt that mirrors all the light the day may offer. 

6. Paint the walls of a small room, pantry, or closet with a metallic finish.

7. Anchor a silver skirt with a leather moto jacket for perfect balance.

 8. Explore metallic nails.

9. Pull a dressy skirt out of your closet on a dreary weekday and make it work-worthy by pairing with  a comfy t-shirt and blazer.

10. Splurge on a small section of metallic tile to enhance a bathroom. You will start your day feeling fabulous, not frigid.

11. Try Carine's look: A silk blouse tucked into a shimmering skirt finished with golden shoes. The weather won't matter...guaranteed.

12. Glam up your bedroom...add reflective linen, mirrored touches, and soft glowing candles...you will forget the cold world beyond in seconds.

13. Pair a crisp white shirt with a metallic skirt and you may not miss the sunshine at all.

14. Here's my version of the above look. Dress it up with a black sash.
Photo from my Instagram
Get this look: Silver skirt (similar),  White shirt (similar), Black sash (similar), Cuff (similar)

How would you infuse metallics into your life? 
Anyhow, today the sun is back in its full glory so enjoy every moment and as always...shine!


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  1. Hi Sharon such classy ideas...love #2 and lost count on it but the fingernails are pretty cute!

  2. Sharon you have brightened up my day for sure! Love to add a gold or silver top (do not have a metallic skirt yet)!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. The best ideas as usual, thanks! The other day I was just putting my gold ballet flats off to the side as we go into colder weather and I asked myself - "WHY?" I depend on these gilded touches, and the only things that really get me through winter are long scarves with sparkly/gold/silvery accents, furry boots/hat, and a great coat! We can carry the sunshine in our hearts AND in our outfits!

    For the home I've always loved gold accents (e.g., gold candles) with light wood - very "Embassy Row." The interiors you show with metallics added are very idea- inspiring! If all else fails, there is always the fireplace...and airplanes! :-)

  4. You look amazing, I do love metallic tones and its perfect for brightening up fall/winter days :))) Beauty you are xx

  5. Oops, this is Karen. I didn't mean to sign as anonymous.

  6. I am loving these metallics Sharon- all of them!!!!! Hope you are doing great!!!!!

  7. Hi Sharon...I'm definitely a minimalist..LOVE the belt...you by the way look fabulous! xx