36 Things that Will Brighten Your Life- Inspired by the Eight Nights of Chanukah

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Chanukah!

Did you ever count the total number of candles we light (not including the shamash) on Chanukah? We begin with 1 and end with 8 and add 1 candle each night, so it's 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36. The number 36 is double Chai* which totally makes sense because the holiday of Chanukah doubly enhances and brightens our lives in so many ways (not to mention the doubling of our size because of all the heavenly fried latkes and donuts we consume).

*The word Chai in hebrew means life and is comprised of the letters Chet and Yud which represent the numbers 8+10. The number 18 in Judaism always represents life. And for those of you who are into energy and "Chi", it's not a coincidence that Chai and Chi are pretty much the same thing.

So I decided to create a fun Chanukah post featuring 36 things that will brighten the life of every woman, broken down according to the candles we light on each night of Chanukah. Here we go...have fun...and shop straight from the blog!

One go-to outfit:

Maybe it's an all black ensemble, or your favorite skirt and top. It could be that timeless LBD or something you've put together in the past that just works. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money but it should make you feel like a million dollars.


Two real friends:

These are the people that love you even when your nose (and mascara) are running because you're crying, or when you've had one drink too many and are crazy dancing at a wedding. They are never embarrassed of you and don't want you to change. You're lucky if you have two. I know I do, and I'm grateful for them every day.

Three button down shirts:

Every woman should own a crisp shirt in white, black, and blue (chambray works too). These are the greatest layering pieces ever invented and a lot more sophisticated than shells (see number 6).


Four items in your skincare regimen:

Aah... a shameless promotion here for Rodan+Fields: Each R+F regimen includes 4 products that, when used together, will solve your skincare issues and give you the best skin of you life. Money back guaranteed.

For anti-aging and enlarged pores use Redefine. (I use this!)
For redness and sensitivity (eczema and burns too) use Soothe. (This healed my burn!)
For brown spots, melasma, and dullness use Reverse. (I use this!)
For acne and post acne marks use Unblemish.
To reverse wrinkles and scars use the AMP roller with the night renewing serum. (I use this!)

Five pairs of shoes:

We all know that we need a lot more than 5 pairs of shoes; a woman can NEVER have too many! But at minimum, every woman should own  (1) a classic black stiletto pump, (2) a cute pair of flats, (3) a tall wedge heeled boot, (4) a thick heeled bootie, and (5) a pair of flat boots.

(use arrows on side to scroll more options!)
Six shells:

Although currently, I'm partial to the button-down-shirt, I have to admit that I still live in shells. As much as we try to get away from them, they still end up being the foundation pieces of every modest inspired look. Make sure you have (1) a black microfiber shell (the Spanx shells are amazing), (2) a turtleneck shell, (3) a white shell, (4) a neutral (eg. beige, ecru, taupe) shell, (5) a shell in a cool color (eg. royal blue for winter, aqua for summer), and (6) one in a warm color (eg. burgundy for winter, coral for summer).


SHOP THIS LOOK (similar):
Seven super foods:

You are what you eat, and what you put in your body has a direct effect on how you look and feel. Make a list of 7 items that you like that would show up on a super food list, and make sure your house is always stocked with them.

Here are some of mine: (1) Greek yogurt, (2) avocados, (3) almonds, (4) ground flax seeds, (5) eggs, (6) coconut oil, and (7) fresh greens (you get extra points for kale and spinach). Curate your own salads, omelets, and parfaits using your favorite wholesome foods, and tame your hunger with real nutrition.

Some more ideas are: pomegranate seeds, berries, chia seeds, olive oil, fish, green tea, sweat potatoes, quinoa...you get the picture. Include disposable containers on your shopping list so you can throw a variety of these ingredients into them in the morning and have a wholesome lunch on the go.

Eight makeup products:

Every woman, should own at least one of these products: (1) a great illuminating foundation, (2) a natural bronzer, (3) a fabu-lash mascara, (4) a smooth black eyeliner pencil, (5) a neutral lip liner that goes with every color, (6) a lipstick in a nude color, (7) a bold red or burgundy lipstick, and (8) a neutral eyeshadow palette. Many makeup artist would include a good concealer on this list, but for me, a great foundation does the trick just fine.

For special occasions, it's important to have a great makeup artist who has lots of positive energy, keeps up with the latest trends, and uses a wide variety of products. I recently had my makeup done by one such fabulous lady, Gitty Berger of Trinkettes Trendsetters, and I was super impressed with her makeup expertise, confidence and all round upbeat vibes. Here were the absolutely incredible results, and below is a breakdown of products used:
Follow @gittyberger_mua on Instagram!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful holiday and holiday season!


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  1. love these skirt! They are so beautiful!


  2. love these skirt! They are so beautiful!


  3. Have a very Merry Christmas season with your friends and family. Your blog has been an inspiration to me!

  4. Dear Sharon, Thank you for these gorgeous suggestions for our wardrobes and makeup needs!

    Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I'm late to this but FINALLY got a break and am catching up on pleasure reading! What an interesting and fun post! I LOVE the grey/black/boots combo most, as well as all your wonderful tips!

    Wise words about the real friends who love us no matter what. They have my eternal gratitude.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous, healthy, and bright 2015!!

  6. I'd love to hear what your favorite perfumes are! Can you please reveal your favorite ones?