The One Easy Step To Being Beautiful

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In the past few weeks, here at Fashion-isha, we've had a holiday gift list, holiday party outfit ideas, and unique tablecloth and tablescape inspirations. And now, I have a gift for you: The one easy step to being beautiful.

It's not expensive clothes, a personal trainer, or even the best skincare.

It's a new belief system.

You see, we believe that what we think about ourselves is the truth. But the real truth is, most of our self perception comes from things that we've been told by others since we were little, or incidences that occurred to us that may have been painful or misunderstood.

So let me tell you a little secret that I've learned over the years. There is not one person - let me repeat - not one person, that can decide anything about who you are besides for you!  What's amazing is that we are constantly viewing how beautiful we are through the judgments of others; or the judgments of ourselves based on impossible comparisons. It's time to stop!

You ARE beautiful (deal with it). Just be YOU.

That's not to say we can't try to work on ourselves to be the best that we can be. And we should! We should smile and do good and overcome pettiness so that our inner beauty will shine through. We should wear nice clothes, go to the gym, and take care of our skin. But all of those actions are born first from self acceptance and love, and not the other way around. Believe you are beautiful and you will live beauty.

I was recently contacted by the to participate in a contest showcasing and styling an LBD (little black dress) for the holidays. I chose this very theme for my collage, because what good is fashion if it's not preceded by the belief of our own worthiness and beauty?

Beautysets - You Are Beautiful
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I loved the idea of the easy, breezy holiday dress. Since entertaining is often stressful, these basic-yet-beautiful dresses are cozy and comfortable, yet can be glammed up easily with a sparkly statement accessory. Or you can throw on a fur vest and heels for a night out on the town. These are also perfect for Friday night or a cozy evening by the fire. (See more LBD's HERE)

Now remember, every morning when you groan at your image in the mirror (don't we all), stop and say these three words: "I am beautiful."

Now believe it.

Because you are.

PS On a side note, for those who may feel silly or guilty telling themselves they are beautiful, this concept is not one of vanity, but one of gratitude. Hashem (G-d) gave us all bodies and faces, and we are blessed to have them. We were given ours specifically for us, so believing your are a beautiful person is simply an act of gratitude and acknowledgment of  Hashem's goodness, which will always lead to more goodness. Vanity on the other hand is born out of insecurity and the need for others to give you their stamp of approval, which is unhealthy and never 100% satisfying.

This post is dedicated to some of my know who you are!

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  1. Dear Sharon, thank you so much fro these beautiful thoughts! Believing we are beautiful inside and out, having self confidence and assurance are so important. It is also a great message to get out to all young girls and young women!

    The Arts by Karena