Red Velvet: Delectable Runway Inspired Modest Fashion

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been here because, if you haven't heard, we've been blessed with another grandchild, and I've been in a family bubble, helping my daughter and getting to know my new granddaughter, Ava Bella. (See my instagram from photos!) 

Now I'm back, and excited to share with you the new runway inspired couture brand, Red Velvet
Red Velvet...cupcakes or couture?

In a fun interview, owner and designer Estee Eisenberger tells us all about herself and her new company, and the glamorous and modest clothes she creates for women like us who love runway fashion, but also aspire to dress modestly:

Fashion-isha: Tell us a a little about your background and what led you to your decision to start your clothing line.

Estee: I started out 25 years ago as a hairdresser/ wig stylist. As a girl growing up in Brooklyn, I was inspired by Georgie, who revolutionized the wig industry. She inspired and encouraged me on that path.
I successfully enjoyed my career for 14 years while raising my family. After many years of helping women achieve consistently ‘great hair days’, my creativity was searching for a new venue in which to explore. Together with my mother, sister and sister in law, we launched a successful bridal business where we had the pleasure of dressing many beautiful brides and their families at our Bridal Direct Boutique.
As my home is in Monsey, and the demands for my attention to our Brooklyn location became difficult, the decision was made for me to seek out yet another way to express my passion for fashion and for helping women look their best as a lifestyle rather than for one glorious evening. My desire was for helping women to look their best  for every special occasion. Looking good makes us feel  good . We can be our happiest and most productive when we do. I started Red Velvet Runway to achieve those goals.

Fashion-isha: There seems to be a boom of creative women out there trying to do a similar thing and make high fashion accessible to the women who want to dress modestly. What is it that sets you and your designs apart?

Estee: Red Velvet Runway was created for the woman who isn’t owned by fashion, it’s for the woman who knows herself, she knows how she wants to express herself by the way she dresses and lives.
Red Velvet Runway appeals to the need for high fashion, modest designs. What sets my company apart is my vast experience in fashion production and manufacturing, my keen attention to detail, and most importantly that each client looks her best in my design. My desire is to create timeless favorites, the pieces you reach for, not short lived trends.
Dress by Red Velvet

Fashion-isha: What would you say is the basic style aesthetic of your designs?

Estee: The essence of my style is clean and feminine, timeless classics. Combining luxurious fabrics with couture designs ensures the limitless ways to express these qualities.
Dress by Red Velvet

Fashion-isha: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers and why?

Estee: Oscar de la Renta,

Christian Dior,

and Carolina Herrera...

...are some of the world's most renowned designers. They have all marked the industry of fashion indelibly with their  feminine, luxurious designs which respect women rather than objectify them. They have been privileged to dress the timeless fashion icons we all look up to: Jackie Onassis Kennedy, 

Audrey Hepburn, 

Princess Diana,

 and currently Princess Kate.

Fashion-isha: Name some things (or people) that inspire you on a daily basis and ultimately inspire some of your designs?

Estee: One of the qualities which keep me on my toes in fashion is my ability to artistically see beauty in all forms. I am inspired by color, fabric, texture, nature, flowers, movement and just about anything at all. I appreciate the beautiful canvas of this world.

Fashion-isha: How do you personally feel about modesty and the challenge of combining high fashion with dressing modestly?

Estee: As a frum women in her forties, modesty is of utmost importance to me. I have been impressed by fashion and modest fashion since I was a very young girl. I recall the fashionable women from the shuls I attended, weddings and in the community. These women were my role models. It is my goal that the woman who wears Red Velvet will be the icons of modest fashion, who can teach by example dressing with style, dignity and elegance encouraging the next generation of  "Fashion-ishas" to embrace the precious gift of modest fashion together with individual stylistic expression.
Estee Eisenberger, owner of Red Velvet, with one of her daughters.

Fashion-isha: How do you combine being a mom and a working woman and making it all work?

 Estee: At this stage in my life the challenge of being a working mom is different compared to the earlier years. I BH have a combination of young married children, one away in yeshiva and younger ones who are in school full time. My first priority has always been to my husband and family. Now with the family a bit older, my ability to fit work into the mix is less of a challenge. Balance, boundaries and organization are essential for a working women wanting success in both facets of her life.
Estee with one of her daughters.

Fashion-isha: Outside of work, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Estee: When I'm not working, I love to spend time with family and friends and adventurously explore new  things. Some of my best days are spent hiking or biking new terrain or simply enjoying a cup of coffee with a close friend. Making time to smell the roses.

Fashion-isha: What is the ultimate goal for your company?

Estee: Finally, the goal of my company RED VELVET RUNWAY is to successfully make my designs accessible to the women who is well heeled and seeking to look sensational and unique for every occasion. My samples are just a sprinkling of what will evolve, as we are a make to order business. The possibilities are endless. 

Dress by Red Velvet, inspired by Giambattista Valli

Follow @Red_Velvet_Runway on Instagram for weekly posted hours, and future monthly trunk shows in various locations in the tri-state area, including this one:
Estee and I look forward to personally greeting you at her upcoming Lakewood trunk show at the home of Chanie Follman, 55 Clearstream Road, this coming Monday, February 23from 12 to 3 pm. 


This has been a sponsored post.    

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  1. Sharon, I adore these fabulous fashions! She is so talented and I love her story! Brava!

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  2. Hi Sharon I enjoyed the interview

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