Flowers for Shavuos - 10 Ideas from Torso to Table

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Shavuos is coming. And when it comes to Jewish holidays there are always three areas that we, as overachieving superwomen, scurry around making ourselves crazy over. I'm talking about the three F's: Food, Flowers, and Frocks!

But since the food aspect is pretty much covered by Pinterest and the myriad of creative food bloggers out there, I'll skip right to the fun part, and my preferred area of expertise: Flowers and frocks!

(I tried, really I tried,  to experience the joy of playing in the kitchen with the likes of blintzes and cheesecakes, but honestly the bought versions are just so much better than mine and leave me more time to play with my tablescapes and outfits! And besides, once I know how many actual grams of fat go into those delicacies, it kind of ruins it for me. Sure, why not eat a bar of cream cheese, butter and sugar for breakfast? Uh...I'd rather not know, and imagine it's like a 100 calorie cheat or something. What you don't know can't hurt you, right?)

But getting back to flowers and frocks, I've been thinking a lot about why flowers are such a huge part of Shavuot. Sure, we received the Torah on a blooming, beautiful mountain. But I'd like to take the concept a bit farther and imagine that there is a deeper meaning behind flowers.

I personally love flowers.  I like them on my clothes, on my tables, and when I walk outside in the Spring. To me flowers represent Hashem's love for us, because why else would he put such beauty in the world? And they also inspire us to be our unique, quirky, individualistic selves. (Remember #losetheshame?) As each flower is created unique and full of color, we are also created unique and full of color. On Shavuos we accept the gift of the Torah to help us become the best versions of ourselves, so that when united with each other through mutual respect and acceptance, we become a gorgeous blooming garden of humanity.

That's just a little taste of my food for thought, perhaps a bit cheesy, but, hey, I really like cheese!

Now let's get to the fun part. Below I've curated 10 unique Shavuos centerpiece ideas for you, inspired by some pretty floral dresses. Take a look...I'm sure you'll find something that will fit your individual taste, and that you can recreate simply with some supermarket flowers and everyday containers. Have fun!

So which ones are your favorites? 

SHOP current floral dresses by clicking BELOW. Use the little grey arrows on the sides to scroll for more:

Now go enjoy your food, flowers and frocks, and have a beautiful holiday!



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  1. Sharon I love the yellows and the pinks as well! Bright, fun, perfect for the season! I adore your creativity!!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. fabulous post! eye candy!!! loved.