Living on the Fringe

Friday, June 19, 2015

  1. Happy Friday! 

    First, I want to apologize to my Instagram followers. You may have already seen me in this (obviously) incredible Wukogals dress and these gladiators several times. But, the other day, as I was rushing out the door to take my daughter Sara and her family to the airport, she threw this amazing vest on me and grabbed her camera. After all, she is an incredibly talented photographer and my sometimes stylist! 
    The day before, we had been shopping, and Sara found this fringed vest at Abrocrombie & Fitch (on clearance, one left in the store, but available online HERE) and this post was born!
    I would normally pair this vest with something simpler or more monochromatic, but all the energy of this impromptu outfit seemed to capture that frenzied, complex and undeniably sentimental moment.  The way many moments of life often are: a bold blend of sweet, bright, and slightly bitter (goodbyes are always hard); full of energetic emotion and color.
    1. 1
      an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material.
    2. 2
      chiefly British term for bangs (see bang1 (sense 2 of the noun)).

         1not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.

    I love the definition of fringe in the adjective form. It defines so many of us who may have wasted valuable time and energy trying to fit in, only to discover that our best selves are preciously uniquely, and not meant to be clones of the mainstream. You all know I'm a huge proponent of individuality and self expression, and it's often the "fringe" people who make real changes, and the biggest impact on the world. So forget about "fitting in" and wear your "fringe(ness)" proudly!

    1. Now let's shop!

Photo credits: Sara Reifer of Sarielle Photography


DRESS: Wukogals
VEST: Abrocrombie & Fitch
SUNGLASSES: 1for12, 2for20
WIG: Arielle Wigs from eBay (no longer available)

Have a beautiful Shabbos and a relaxing weekend!



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  1. Sharon, I adore your new vest and you daughter captured you in motion perfectly! It looks so great with the ensemble!! Have a fabulous weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Closer by Michael Clinton

  2. Love the look!! You look great. :)

    We connected a few years back via ShopStyle. I started with a fashion blog (Fricken Fashionable) but switched to a mommy blog called Mommy & Love, focusing on vegetarianism and green living. =) Happy to have stumbled back on your blog to see you're still keeping it updated with lovely posts!

  3. You look great, Thank you for sharing a nice blog.