How To Take Your 6 Favorite Summer Trends Into Fall

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Don't worry, it's still summer for a few more weeks, but can't you feel it? Fall will soon be upon us, and with this insanely busy time of the know, no more camp but weeks until school...who has time to indulge in shopping for delicious fall fashion yet? And anyway, by the time we finish with all of the wallet-emptying back-to-school shopping there won't be much left for that fall it-bag or those coveted booties we are dreaming about.

So here are a few simple ways to take 6 of your summer favorites seamlessly into fall without spending a dime. And if you're missing some of the pieces, I've linked to affordable versions of them, handpicked by me, just for you.

Trend 1: The Perforated Midi
 For Fall: Throw on a Denim Jacket

 Trend 2: The Chambray Shirt
 For Fall: Wear it with a Black Skirt and Leather Jacket

 For Fall: Add a Turtleneck and Trench

 For Fall: Add a Black Turtleneck and Shoes

Trend 5: The Sweet Pastel Skirt
 For Fall: Pair with a Cozy Cream Pullover

Trend 6: The Shirt Dress
For Fall: Layer with A Leather Vest

And there we have it, a week's worth of cool, cooler weather looks using our summer favorites!


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  1. Great Article Sharon! Thanks for the tips, I am going to try a few:)

  2. Great Post And Nice Article....Really I like it.Thanks for Sharing....