You Won't Believe What I'm Eating Now

Monday, December 21, 2015

As a busy wife, mom, blogger, not to mention a persistent weight watcher who's also into running and biking, it's imperative that I make nutrition a priority. But unfortunately, with such a busy schedule and so much to do, that's not always the case.

A while back, I was told by my doctor that I was severely vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficient (which explained my afternoon energy slumps), and that I needed vitamin B shots and supplements to replenish my deficiency. Then, this summer we moved out of Lakewood, a town with kosher, fresh salad and sushi bars almost every 1/2 mile, to a town that had one kosher bagel store and one Chinese restaurant.

And in the midst of all the moving chaos I went from being that woman that would never eat a bagel to eating bagels...every. single. day.

Not to mention a once a week binge on salty, fatty, sugar laden Chinese food. Gaaah, it's a miracle I didn't blow up. And it's probably because I remained super active and upped my workout challenges.
Me after a great workout

Then, after a week of binging on junk food on vacation in Hawaii, I came home and decided that enough was enough. I needed to take my nutrition seriously again. I wasn't feeling all that well, I was moody and irritable, had a persistent cough that wouldn't go away, and felt like I need a nap daily.

I'm slowly getting back into the groove by starting my days with a glass of lemon water and sublingual vitamin B shots and vitamin D pills, and trying to eat more veggies, yogurt and other protein sources. But the truth is I'm not a huge fan of chicken or meat, and I wouldn't mind adding more healthy protein to my diet for better energy and muscle building.

Enter Integrated Supplements, the planet's purest protein. In the past I've heard about the almost magical abilities of whey protein in aiding the process of efficiently building muscle after working out, and honestly, when you reach a certain age, and as muscle and collagen naturally decrease, working out is no longer optional if you want to fight the signs of aging and stay healthy, uplifted, and "elevated".
Dress by Valentino

The downside of vigorous workouts is that they can deplete your body and exhaust you if you are not receiving the proper nutrition. And that's why I'm really excited to start adding Integrated Supplements to everything I morning coffee, my green juices and smoothies (see recipe below), yogurts, baked goods, and many other creative recipes I can't wait to create. The supplement comes in easy packaging, is OU kosher certified, and is guaranteed for safety and quality by LabDoor.

Learn more about Integrated Supplements.
Go ahead, try Integrated Supplements’ Whey Isolate Protein and start to #ElevateYourself for better nutrition and better living!

Try the Fashion-isha Gorgeous Glow Smoothie:

1 handful of fresh kale
1/4 cup of frozen or fresh berries
1 scoop of strawberry flavored Integrated Supplements whey isolate protein powder
1 T ground flax seed
1 T coconut oil
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup coconut milk
1/2 container of vanilla Greek yogurt
1 packet of Truvia sweetener

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

I especially love throwing this together post workout or when I'm running out the door and don't have time for a healthy breakfast. Go ahead and create your own fun smoothies and recipes with Integrated Supplements!

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This article is sponsored by Integrated Supplements. All opinions are mine alone.  

Stay fit and healthy and always continue to #ElevateYourself!



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  1. Food is so much more than just something wonderful to taste. If we consume the wrong things/amounts it comes with serious complications like diabetes. Glad to hear you listened to your body and corrected what you were really needing.

    Wishing you a New Year filled with good health and adventure.