Oh My Dior!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I've never really understood why there are Pre-Fall collections. I mean isn't Pre-Fall summer? Like August? Isn't August the hottest month of the year? So when exactly are we supposed to wear these cozy looks that work all throughout the winter? And isn't the fashion calendar already way too busy, upside down, and confusing? I mean those poor designers! Why do we need a Pre-Fall Collection at all?

Maybe it's for those women who want to get a start on their winter closets way before everyone else so they will have the best clothes first. Or maybe I just don't have an answer. But regardless, I do appreciate this particular Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2016 collection for the classic-with-an-edge, uber modern (and modest!) pieces that add up to one of the most amazing collections I've seen in a while.

Dior has always been one of my favorite designers, and one day I will be able to just walk into any Dior boutique and pick up what I love (positive thinking ladies!), but for now let's get inspired by these great designs and outfit ideas.

Here are some ideas we can implement into our own wardrobes inspired by this collection:

1. Wrap a sweater in a unique way, perhaps as a cape, pinning in a fun new shape.
2. Add a strip of sparkly trim to a serious skirt.
3.Tone down a pattern mix with an over-sized solid parka.
4. Layer a turtleneck in an unexpected color under a dressy dress.

What do you think about this collection? Would you try some of these ideas?

Oh, and if you understand the concept of the Pre-Fall Collections please do tell!

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  1. It's to keep us shopping year-round. As for this collection, it seems more like a fall preview than pre-fall. That black and white coat is cute, though.