Peter Picked a Peck of Perfect Patterns

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm almost as fond of art as I am of fashion, so when a designer seamlessly melds the two, using clothing as a canvas for an inexhaustible array of color, design and pattern, it makes me very happy. When I encountered Peter Pilotto's ingeniously crafted AW16 collection, my serotonin levels may have actually risen in my brain.

As a friend of mine in fashion once said to me, "When the lights go down and the models start walking down the runway, I say, 'Thank you Hashem.'"

Sound shallow? I think not. 

It's pretty clear that the likes of my friend, myself, and the many other spiritual girls/mothers/wives/fashionlovers understand what's important in life and where our priorities lie. But we also understand the value of self-expression, and that the beauty in this world is ours for the appreciate and use in appropriate and elevated ways.

So go ahead and get inspired to express all of that passionate color and pattern that's floating deep inside of you. Express it in your relationships, your work, and your outfits. Be bold. Be you. Be the artist of your life!

Did this Peter Pilotto collection inspire you as much as it inspired me?

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  1. nice designs! xo

  2. Agreed 100% and thanks so much for sharing! These pieces are amazing works of art, in every way - pattern, texture, color. Beyond gorgeous! And those coats - there are no words... And usually by this time in the season I can't even stand to look at another coat!

  3. Simply loved the collection of designs put up here and feeling very much inspired!