Finally! The 2016 Fashion-isha Chanukah Gift List

Monday, December 12, 2016

It's that time again...the 2016 Fashion-isha gift list has arrived! 

I'm particularly fond of this year's gift ideas, they're fun, fabulous, and include something for everyone. Click on the links to shop the gifts!

1. The Best Stretch Denim Skirt (
A girl can never have too many wardrobe building blocks, and when it comes to basics like pencils skirts and tees, Esteez is the place to go. I recently received this yummy Esteez denim skirt and it's probably one of the most comfortable denims I've ever owned. And yes, I call it yummy because it's stretchy, soft and cozy...unlike so many other denims that seem bulky. I also have it in black, and think it would make an amazing gift.

Go to:

2. Cashmere and Fur Pom Gloves (
Nothing spells luxury more than cashmere and fur, and with the temps dropping fast, these gorgeous gloves make fabulous gifts that are both practical and beautiful. Wouldn't you love a pair?
Go to:

3. Fur Vest (Shop below)
I once owned a wonderful fur vest, and one day it just disappeared. Then I "borrowed" my daughter's black fur vest, and that too disappeared. Until I found out that she "borrowed" it back because it was probably her most versatile piece for the winter. So after searching and finding another great fur vest, and constantly being asked where it's from, I decided to add the fur vest to my gift list this year, because I don't know one woman who wouldn't be thrilled to receive (another?) one.

Shop My Fur Vest Picks Below:

4. A Clean Eating Cooking Class with Rorie, Plus Her Gluten Free Oat Dough Mix (
If you're not healthy on the inside, then nothing is going to look that great on the outside. That's why, earlier this year, I sent myself to Rorie, my now beloved Certified Health Coach, who helped me find that healthy balance between living to the fullest and staying physically and emotionally healthy via the food I choose to eat. Rorie believes in eating 'full and free', in 'treats not cheats', and in eating food that supports your health and well being. She does not believe in diets and deprivation. And that's why I think a gift certificate for a healthy cooking class or kitchen makeover by Rorie, plus a nicely wrapped package of her gluten free oat dough mix (click on link above to order) is one the best gifts you can give anyone that you love.


5. Sparkly Swarovski Jewelry (
Here's the perfect gift for those who love all things bold and sparkly. Visit and shop authentic Swarovski crystal rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for your kids, your friends, your friends' kids...even your husband (cufflinks!)
Use code FASHIONISHA for 20% off your order


6. Teeth Whitening Session with Sparkle Teeth Whitening (862-290-8725)
This is a wonderful gift because teeth whitening is really something that most people want, but wouldn't necessarily get for themselves. It's also a gift that you can virtually give to anyone. I was personally thrilled with my results at Sparkle Teeth Whitening, and the service was friendly and pleasant too.

7. Fendi Inspired Bag Fobs (
These bag fobs are just too cute to not be included on this list. They're a definite style step-up from the basic pom pom!

8. Gorgeous Custom Kippa (
This is for all the young...and young at heart men in your life. Not only does iKippah have a beautiful selection of high end kippah designs, but you can also customize your kippahs with endless options. 
Use promo code: GIFTIT for 15% off your order.

9. Versatile Dress of the Season (
Every woman would love to receive this easily styled and super comfortable #lafrockhacci dress, or  choose from their newest frocks including their latest in sumptuous velvet....perfect for this season!

10.  A "Golden Globe" Turban Headband (
My friend Daniella, whom I met when I was last in Israel (see my post 'Where to Shop When You're in Israel'), will be gifting these amazing turban headbands to celebrities at the 2017 Golden Globes; don't you think your mom, daughter, friend, (you?!) would love one of these too?

Still looking for more ideas? Here are a few more gifts I love:

-The CD 'Change' by Shaindel Antelis. Shaindel's mom is my yoga instructor and my positive energy guru, so the inspiring apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Shaindel's music is creative, spiritually inspiring, and easy to listen to.

-Braid headband or the BRELCRO by Just Braydz by Chaya. How could I leave my beloved braid accessories off the list?? I love all of Chaya's styles and literally live in them. #Bestgiftever <3

I hope you enjoyed this list and discovered some great ideas. Wishing you all a Chanukah season of light, love, joy and loads of miracles!!

With love,



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