Why You MUST HAVE These 12 Things This Season

Sunday, September 24, 2017

And here it is...drumroll please....my latest and greatest Fall/Winter Must Have List!

Get ready to check out 12 of my favorite must-have products, services, clothing and accessories. And the coolest part is that I divided the list into 3 categories which correspond with some of the mantras I love to share with you guys:  'Simplify Your Life', 'Take Care of Yourself', and 'Have Fun with Fashion'. 

My sponsors and I have worked hard to bring you this list, to help you easily pull off a fabulous, updated YOU. All without expending too much time, energy or money, while giving yourself the care and love you need to enhance your life and feel beautiful, inside and out.  That's the Fashionisha way!

Enjoy this list, shop away, and let me know what you think!


We're all so, so busy, especially this time of year.  The first four items on this list are not only some super stylish, awesome products, they also all have this in common: They will make your life easier. And that, my friends, is everything!


I can't even describe how much I love my GoSportWig, but let me try. At first I was reluctant about this wig because I thought it would look wiggy and feel really uncomfortable all around my head. But, boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong.

A few weeks into my move to Florida, after seeing one of my daughter's friend's rocking the coolest high pony, and wondering what she was wearing....I realized that ...

I Needed THIS!
Right now!

I messaged @STREIFERWIGS and ordered my GoSportWig, and pretty much haven't taken it off since. Here's what I love about the GoSportWig: It's probably the most comfortable wig I've ever worn, it's cool and off my face, the texture of the hair and the gorgeous color and highlights are super chic, and there are a gazillion ways I can wear it...with all sorts of bands and head wraps, in a low pony, a high pony, a messy bun, braids...even down like a fall! That's why the GoSportWig is number one on my list of MUST HAVES!

Order your GoSportWig at 718-633-5828
Follow @STREIFERWIGS on Instagram

2. THE ZIP HOODIE DRESS BY @SHOSHANAROSENY (See exclusive promo code below)

Shoshana Rose athleisure-wear was designed for the extreme multi-tasker who needs to make one less decision in the morning. She's someone who appreciates being able to throw something easy and comfortable on that will take her through her daily journeys. At Shoshana Rose, they feel that it's important to have access to quality athleisure wear at an affordable price. Meticulous with fit and overachieving on feel, we've sourced the softest cotton fabric to cover the body in all the right places with just the right amount of spandex that stretches with every move. Packable and versatile, its perfect for travelling, as a cover-up to the gym or for those work at home or errand days.
Not sure what to wear on those busy back-to-school mornings?  Rushing to get your kids to catch the bus?  Shoshana Rose offers the perfect solution.  Save time by throwing on something stylish and comfortable to get you through the entire day; from the gym all the way to plowing through that never ending list of errands.  Made from premium pre-washed stretch cotton, the Shoshana Rose cowl neck dress, zip up dress and wrap and sweatshirt skirts are great for those long walks outside in the crisp fall weather.  So make sure you grab some “You Time” to de-stress and enjoy the changing color of the leaves!

Available at shoshanarose.com.
Follow @Shoshanaroseny on Instagram

Save 20% on your first order by using promo code Fashionisha.


You know how much I love my Shaatra planners...I post about them a lot! No matter how much your iPhone can do for you, there's really nothing like writing things down with good old pen and paper. Add a super stylish, highly functional, well designed, inspiration filled planner that includes spots for goals, gratitude, dinner menus, lists and way more, and you'll never need a different method for organizing your life again. I call my Shaatra planner my anti-anxiety notebook...and for good reason! This is truly, and always, one of my favorite MUST HAVES.

Order your planner HERE
Follow @shaatraclub on Instagram


If you're looking for a stylish, comfy dress to get cozy in...and go out in this winter, we've got you covered (literally) with this cashmere-like, heavenly soft knit dress by Tube Skirts LA.  It's elegant, modest, and looks good on everyone. Getting dressed pretty just got really easy.
Order your Bella dress at tubeskirtsla.com
Follow @tubeskirtsla on Instagram.


5. A PAMPERING LASER SESSION WITH @MORIAH.LASER.AND.SPA (see exclusive promo code below)

Excuse us, because we're about to get a little hairy here. You know that icky feeling when you notice those little hairs on your upper lip (and other unmentionable places)? Yikes! Somehow we just don't feel 100% great anymore. That's why it's really important to set some time for yourself to take care of your personal business. No, it's not unimportant or petty; these little acts of self care go a long way in enhancing how you feel and perform in all of the gazillion non-self focussed things you have to do!

Introducing Moriah.laser.and.spa...

Moriah tells us, "Back when I was in school (10 years ago), and thinking of career options, I decided I wanted to be in the business of making people feel awesome. So together with my love for everything beauty, makeup, and skincare, and my gift of having good hands, I decided to become an esthetician, and laser hair removal technician. At Moriah laser and spa I offer everything from advanced IPL photo facials, to standard facial treatment for acne, anti aging, and any other skin issue. With every facial clients receive a relaxing facial, and hand massage that increases blood supply to the face, and improves the skins over all appearance. This rejuvenates dull skin, plumps up fines lines, and even aids in emptying the pores of excess sebum for those with oily skin. Here massage is a crucial step in every facial, so clients leave relaxed and rejuvenated, and we all know relaxation equals more glowing and younger looking skin. In addition to skin care, I also offer laser hair removal with the newest technology on the market. Laser treatments are 90% less painful than what they used to be, and treatments are 100 times faster.

Clients don't have to sit for hours while treating large areas because this machine fires pulses faster than any other machine. This machine has also been clinically proven to show results 80% faster and clients have reported seeing  a lot of improvement after just 2 treatments. So for all those that are tired of shaving and waxing and still never feeling smooth and clean, and for all those that have ingrown hairs, (that sometimes get infected), and large red irritated dots all over, laser is the answer. I offer safe, affective, reasonably priced, and professional service. Most importantly I care about my clients. Its important to me that each client's questions, and concerns are answered and dealt with, and that you feel comfortable, and happy with your results. This is not a clinic where you're in and out with no personal touch, each client gets their personal undivided attention."

So what are you waiting for? Book your laser session with Moriah now by calling 917-889-5147 or emailing Moriaharonov@icloud.com

Take 10% off your first two laser treatments with code FASHIONISHA


Do your wigs knot up from all those chic fall scarves and jacket collars? Are you always running to your hairstylist to get your wig redone?

Why not give yourself a gift and enroll in A Cut Above Hair School, where you will learn how to properly wash, set and style wigs, cut and style hair, and even learn some basic wedding styles!
Become your own stylist and learn how to wash, set and style your own wigs so that you can always look your best and feel confident and comfortable in your wig.

Style done by a student

You are just a few classes away from always looking your best!

Email: acutabove.hairschool@gmail.com
Follow @a_cut_above_hairschool and @wigsbyshani on Instagram

The first 5 followers that sign up for a full course get 10% off! USE CODE FASHIONISHA


As the seasons change, it's nice to refresh your beauty routine. With colder, dryer air, and less sunlight, an ultra rich moisturizer and a glowy bronzer can really be a pick-me-up in your morning routine.

I myself am not an Arbonne consultant, but I've heard about the quality of their products for years. And when I received and tried this Arbonne intelligence rejuvenating cream from Mimi of @Classyhealthy, I fell in love immediately with its rich, silky texture and uber moisturizing abilities. And the bronzer is great too, with nice, glowy, and natural coverage. I have yet to try the lipstick, but I'm looking forward to wearing it with my colorful faux fur scarves (see below) when it really gets chilly!
"Become the best version of yourself while impacting the lives of others along the way!" -Arbonne Independent Consultant, Mimi Mermelstein

Get your Arbonne products HERE
Follow @classyhealthy on Instagram



A little embellishment can go a long way in upping your fashion game, and this Fall, trends are leaning towards the more-is-more approach. The more sparkly and feathery, the better!

An extremely wearable way to add some of that feathery and sparkly vavoom to your outfits is with the belts of Two 12 Fashion, located in Lakewood NJ. Two12Fashion specializes in Jewish modest fashion. They have so many gorgeous belts to choose from: Rhinestone, metallic, gold, feathered, beaded, and even fur. Adding Two 12 Fashion belts are such a fun way of glamming up your outfits.

Two 12 fashion brings on-trend, modest fashion to women all over the world. They believe you don’t have to sacrifice anything to look beautiful. Modesty and beauty can be seamlessly joined. We agree!

Follow @two12fashion on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/two12fashion/
For wholesale inquiry’s please email info@two12fashion.com.


This fall, colors get intense, with deep reds and purples trending off the runways. But I still believe that when you want to move away from black, yet stay sophisticated and elegant, there's nothing like winter white.

The Simon Davis aesthetic is grounded in elegance with a flair of contemporary taste. Their woman is a boss at whatever she does, whether she’s a mom, a CEO, both, or none. She is someone who plays by her own rules and doesn’t let others define her. The Simon Davis woman is an influencer and a leader whose graceful sophistication sets the example for others.
Simon Davis clothes are a Made in the USA brand. They garner a lot of their aesthetic from historical influences, and don't worry...they also carry those on trend bold colors as well!


10. A FUN FUR SCARF BY @DANIELLAFAYE (See exclusive promo code below.)

I love living in Florida. And when I think about how I'll be missing those crisp cold days, the only thing that gets me feeling blue about that, is the fact that I probably will not get to wear all that fun fur they've been showing for Fall. But this collar by Daniella Faye is so cool and versatile, that maybe, just maybe, I'll have a chilly evening or two when I can throw it on over something, and reminisce about those cold New York winters. Ha! I'll take the fur minus the cold thank you!
Daniella Faye is a young entrepreneur who started her career as a designer at the age of 11. She now owns a shop in the center of Jerusalem at Hillel 1, seconds away from the bustling Ben Yehuda street. Prior to opening her store, Daniella was known for her beautiful and unique head coverings. Since opening her store, Daniella has expanded her line to clothing. If you're visiting Jerusalem, check out Daniella's amazing new winter collection which includes dresses, skirts, and fur and cashmere scarfs. The scarf in this picture is a part of her new collection. The best part about Daniella's collection? Everything is designed and produced in Israel.
If you can't make it to Jerusalem don't worry! Daniella's collection is also available online at DaniellaFaye.com, on Facebook at Daniella Faye and at a number of local stores in the US. Follow Daniella's adventures on Instagram (@Daniella.Faye) for a behind the scenes look at her job.

Use promo code Fashionisha10 for 10% off the scarf!


I know I'm not garnering any sympathy here, but this is something else I'll miss wearing this winter in Florida: The super chic foundation wardrobe of a velvet body suit paired with leather leggings.

You can build virtually every cold busting, street style worthy outfit with those two pieces...the best versions available at From Head to Hose.

Velvet bodysuit on left, and Commando leather-like leggings on right, available at From Head to Hose.
From Head To Hose is one of my favorite boutiques, and carries the best brands in exclusive hosiery, foundation pieces, dresses, leggings, and accessories. They are located at 1717 Avenue M, in Brooklyn, NY (718) 692-0820.

Follow @Fromheadtohose on Instagram and message them. They ship too!

12. THE BROOKLYN SKIRT FROM @ESTEEZONLINE (See exclusive promo below.)

"Hello beauties!"

That's how my good friend Annette from Esteez Online starts her hilarious insta stories every day. I love watching her stories because she is a fabulously kind person with a huge laugh and an even huger heart. But, that's not all. She (and her very funny husband sidekick) also design and manufacture THE BEST pencils skirts on the market. I'm not exaggerating when I say I literally live in them. Every. Single. Day.
The Brooklyn skirt is my favorite because it's buttonless for a flatter tummy look. But I also love the Miami skirt. As a matter of fact, I love all of their skirts! They fit great, are completely modest, are stretchy and slenderizing, and come in a whole slew of colors and patterns. Once you start wearing them, you won't be able to stop.

Save 15% on all ladies skirts sitewide with code FASHIONISHA15

Order your Esteez skirts HERE (Also available on Amazon!)
Follow @Esteezonline on Instagram

And there you have it! My favorite MUST HAVES of this season.

For last year's Fall MUST HAVE list, click HERE.

Let me know what you think, and follow me on Instagram for more great products, and to stay inspired!

Lots of love,



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