Taking the Power Out of Sadness Plus Power Dressing

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your amazing response to my last posts! I'm really psyched to be back here. Stay tuned for some great content, and thank you for your emails and comments. Keep 'em coming!

In response to a message I received from my last blog post: Yes! Although my goal is not for it to be the main emphasis in my newer content, I will still be posting fashion on this site. Staying true to my original format of combining spirituality, inspiration, design and fashion, I will try to end my posts with some fun fashion or design inspirations, as well shopping links...just like old times! How could I not!?

Now that the Holiday season is over, we're entering into a darker time, both literally and figuratively. I'm not going to lie. It's definitely easier for us Floridians at this time of year. But I remember clearly from all my years in New Jersey, when the days got shorter and the sky got darker, how difficult it could be to remain consistently positive. So I want to share some thoughts I had over Sukkot that helped me reframe that feeling of sadness that often tends to creep up.

It was erev Sukkot, and I was standing on the table in my daughter's Sukkah, helping her hang her gorgeous baby's-breath-in-mason-jars decorations. Besides for the chilling 40 degree temps, it should have been an iconic memory-making moment full of joy. And I knew that. But deep down inside of me was a pit of sadness just holding me back from experiencing the full joy of the moment. At the time I thought it was because none of my other kids were there this year.

Now, if you think this is going to be a post about the difficulties of empty nesting and getting older and all of that, then forget it. That's soooo boring. And anyway, I'm finding it to be surprisingly nice.

No, this is a post about the light-bulb moment I had when I realized that the feeling of sadness comes from a little vacuum inside of us that literally seeks and powers up on whatever external situation there may be to "feel sad" about. It's like a black hole that's constantly beckoning us and testing us as to what we will fill it with. In Judaism we call it the yetzer horah.

This all dawned on me when I thought back to the year before and realized I also felt a little sad before the holiday, for an entirely different reason. And then the year before that.  And shockingly, I realized this pattern went back a long while. The aha moment was recognizing that I probably get sad before Holidays, because my brain is conditioned to do so at this point. And since, now that I knew it was coming from inside of me...a little dustbuster, whirring and seeking a reason,  I could just unplug it from its power source (whatever circumstances there were to feel sad about, which if you're alive exist for everyone) and manually fill it up with lots of amazing goodies.

I made a mental note that I'm only going to be with my daughter and her family for one week and before I know it I will be back home, so I better enjoy every freaking second with my grandkids and enjoy watching and helping my daughter host like a champ! And so I did. And in the end, I had the best time, and was grateful that we had that precious one on one time, without worrying about my other kids being happy, getting along, or feeling left out.

I'm not saying we don't all have real reasons to feel sad. Or that we shouldn't feel our feelings. I'm just saying that we have a choice to give those feelings power, or unplug them and choose to enjoy the good stuff.  We all have circumstances in our lives. Some are pleasant and some are not, but it's what we give our power to that grows inside of us and determines our days. Choose the pleasant ones to focus on and power yourself up with them, because then there will be no room for that energy sucking vacuum to seek and find a reason to place sadness inside of you. 

Now that's power!

Givenchy ad Fall '19

Speaking of power, one of the top trends for this Fall is the oversized blazer, the perfect piece to add some structure and confidence to your outfit. I personally love the 80's vibe of the bold shoulder and oversized shape of today's blazer. And why not try it in a happy hue, like green. Great for adding some cheer to your day and building a creative outfit that's still conservative enough for the office.

Getting creative with a bold green blazer. Neiman Marcus, Town Center, Boca Raton, FL

Shop Below:

Have a great week!

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