Divine and Refined Look 11 -Spotlight on Diane Von Furstenburg

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As a 40 something woman(eek!)who is trying to keep up in a fashion blogging world comprised mostly of 20 somethings, I'm perpetually inspired by strong mature women who not only survive the fashion industry, but rise to the top season after season. To me, Diane Von Furstenberg is THE quintessential fashion diva. She was the queen of the iconic wrap dress in the famously hip 70's. Aside from the fact that 70's style is one of the leading trends this year, she continues to create fresh, young and vibrant fashion for women of all ages today. And to top it all off, her fall 2011 fashion collection featured so many refined and fabulous looks...they just fill me with joy! 
Spicy and chic...notice the cuffs on each arm

Lush black velvet with metallic gold and a touch of red give a wow factor to this glam look
This is ultimate 70's revival modernized for today. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat.

The monochromatic hues of these lush blues are so appealing. I also love the draping of the top.

A fabulous and wearable print on a sheath that would be flattering for anyone. Perfection!
So fresh in berry colors. How chic is this color combo?!

Here are some elements of Diane Von Furstenberg's fall 2011 collection that I think are just fabulous:

  • A soft tapered sillouette that flatters every woman's body
  • Invigorating and cheerful colors combined in the most genius ways
  • Knee high suede and sometimes fringed boots in bursts of juicy hues to coordinate with the outfits
  • Interesting pattern scaled for the most flattering looks
  • A glamorous beauty aesthetic of swept back hair and bright lips
Even stylist du jour Rachel Zoe agrees! She featured Diane Von Furstenberg in one of her daily reports during fashion week. Here is her exclusive interview with the admirable designer.

RZ: For as long as the fashion world can remember, you have been the ultimate figure of empowerment for women everywhere with your eponymous line, Diane Von Furstenberg. Growing up, who were the people who inspired you?
 My mother was and has been the most influential inspiration in my life, mostly because she taught me that 'fear is not an option'.

RZ: What started with your first iconic wrap dress in the '70s is now a global luxury line...in your own words, how has the DVF woman changed from then to now? Where do you see her going next?
DVF: The DVF woman has always been very individual. She's always in the driver's seat...active, seductive, and above all confident. When I first started my career it was the time of women's liberation...all was ahead of us!! But women are women and somehow not much has changed.

RZ: How do you prepare for the insanity that is New York Fashion Week? What is your favorite part?
DVF: I usually prepare by doing a lot of yoga. Fashion shows are so useful because they force you to edit and to present a collection in a concise way. It's a presentation to the press and to the stores that sell your clothes...it is so exciting!!!

RZ: Tell me something that you are coveting for spring!
DVF: The 'Harper' is our new bag shape for Spring...I love it!!! It's extremely versatile and comes in a variety of colors! It just became available on DVF.com.

RZ: I have personally looked up to you throughout my entire career, and now many of my Zoe Report readers do too. What advice would you give to any of them who are planning for a profession in the fashion industry?
DVF: Be confident!! The industry is growing and new, young talent is emerging, but fashion will always remain a mysterious thing...it reflects the contemporary period you live in, the mood of the time, the way people want to project themselves, it's ever-evolving...

Calvin Klein ruby red trenchcoat $179, filigree cuff, pink marble stone cuff $35, crystal edged cuff $49.50,  Michael Kors gold skirt $190, cinnamin suede boots $106, tan suede boots $69.99, brown suede boots $29.99, Lela Rose blue jaquard skirt $225, blue suede boots $215

So in the words of Diane Von Furstenberg, women are women...the key is to BE CONFIDENT in all you do. We can accomplish so much in every aspect of our lives if we just believe in ourselves....and look fabulous too!

Til next time....


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