From Room to Groom - Black and White with a Pop of Burgundy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the design world, inspiration can come from anywhere.  Each area of design can cross over into another.  My favorite is translating interior design into fashion design. When creativity is involved, the possibilities are endless. 
This photo, borrowed from the Horchow website caught my eye and invited me to the challenge of putting together cool outfits to coordinate.
Damask top, See by Chlo burgundy silk top, Burgundy bubble skirt, Black and white pencil skirt, Julie Brown geometric shift dress
Accessorizing is even more fun. Complete the look with a super chic watch, a gorgeous bag or clutch, a wow belt, and a slew of fab shoes. 

Gucci Signoria watchDVF Penny BagCarlos Falchi damask clutchRibbon wrap belt, Charles David burgundy lizard sandals, Steve Madden Horizonn black platform sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs peep toe flat

And if you love the look for decorating then by all means go for it! Black and white combined with a touch of any bright color creates a dramatic and appealing environment.
Get inspired by bold patterns: Don't be afraid to use a great wallpaper as a background for solid colored furniture.  You can add another element of pattern if you keep the scale and design right.

Painting one wall black can give a room a bold yet cozy feel. The black lacquered floor with the brightly colored rug add even more drama. Keep the lines simple when using intense color.
A bright white room gets a punch of color with a bold  burgundy rug and black and white striped furniture. Anchor the room with a mod black chair.
Get inspired for your next party. Use glossy black candelabras and picture frames, accessorize with touches of black and white damask and accent with bright pink flowers.
Always keep your eyes open because there's inspiration all around you. Be creative, dress to feel great, love your home and entertain with joy!
Til next time....


Feel free to submit any photo of a cool room to for a fashion makeover inspired by it. I love a challenge!

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  1. I absolutely love these rich colors!

  2. I love all the color contrasts and those marc jacob shoes are really cute.

  3. Like your blog! Follow you) Follow me?

  4. So beautiful. I just got a "damask" print handkerchief for spring (I tie it around the wrist instead of using it traditionally) and am OBSESSED with all things black white and printed. Love this post.

    Ok..I am a little crazed with fashion show Saturday..and then I have a smaller scale fashion show the following week...but come the week of the 14th I am WAY MORE back to normal. Lets schedule coffee for one day that week....anywhere works for me. You pick the place. I would be happy to help you out in any way I can:)
    How exciting to style a is actually lots of fun!!!