FENDI PRE-FALL 2011-Collection Review for Fall Shopping Inspiration

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Have you been wondering about fall trends and what to keep your eyes out for next time you go shopping? There are so many great collections and I can't wait to post them for you! Today I'm featuring the Fendi Pre-Fall 2011 Collection which I had saved in a file for quite a while. Now that it's actually pre-fall...I figured I would review this demure, ladylike collection for shopping inspiration. This mini collection came out last December and the exact items shown are pretty much no longer available.  But don't be sad about that; Fendi is quite unaffordable for most of us and I've included some other great pieces as a comparison between 'LUXE' and 'LOW' at the end of this post.

Here's a short description of the collection from Style.com:

"Chunky knits, in jewel tones like emerald and sapphire, appeared in the form of skirts and sweaters, and most hemlines hit at the knee or below. The waist was emphasized in high skirts and nipped-in dresses worn with belts. And the palette, favoring cool blues—sapphire, cerulean, cobalt, and sky—was light without heat.
Fendi being Fendi, the fabrications were exquisite, the details just so. They made the basic special, as in the multicolored enamel buttons marching up the front of a prim skirt..."

The demure blues and beiges of this collection also look fabulous in interior design as seen in this gorgeous entryway:

The rich jewel tones in some of these pieces can be found in nature too. Inspiration is everywhere!

Here are my personal favorite trends from this collection:

1. The use of toned down jewel colors in combination with gorgeous neutrals (notice NO BLACK)...perfect for transition into fall.

2. The dominant use of various shades of flattering blue.

3. Gorgeous accessories including fabulous colored belts, sunglasses, stunning bags and really cool shoes.

4. Softly structured jackets as sophisticated toppers for these ensembles.

Here are some favorite Fendi pieces featuring beautiful silhouettes, soft draping and exquisite details; plus shoes to dream about! I will be on the prowl for pieces like these:

Check out this REAL VS. STEAL shopping look I've compiled for you. The real Fendi pieces are on the right and the more affordable ensemble is on the left. You choose!Real vs. Steal: Inspired by Fendi

So what do you think about this collection? I'd love to hear what your favorite pieces are. Would you save for a splurge on one gorgeous Fendi item or buy the entire less expensive ensemble?

Have a gorgeous day!

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  1. Loved your fall trend blog! Alas, I cannot wear the shoes (high heels and I don't work well together), but will definitely look for the jewel tones, blue especially, and the draped look in skirts and tops.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Love these colors, especially that blue (sort of reminds me of a "french blue." I wonder what my dining room would like that in color? I love the first skirt (very interesting hem) and belt but would prefer it with a neutral turtleneck (not the shirt that's shown). Thank you for the "steal" info - very helpful!!

  3. Sharon, the blues in the collection are splendid. I am really enjoying the very feminine looks. By seeing Fendi, I am also reminded of how COMFORTABLE their shoes are. I just love them. Your steal look is terrific. And I must say I love that Blue Fendi dress from Barney's. Beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog...it was so nice, but even better, it made me find you! I love this blog and will be back!

  5. Hello Fashion-isha,
    I just read your comment on my house which was featured on the cote de texas blog...I had to thank you personally for being kind and a voice of reason. Well, I'm glad I "popped" over to say hello because this is a great blog...I'm hooked already!

  6. The purple two piece outfit with the red belt reminds me of the way my mother dressed in the 80's (and that's a good thing, she always looks fab!). The loose and relaxed fit is so feminine and the color is simply regal!


  7. These heels are great, and i really love this blue tone!

  8. WOW love you picks!! So stunning, that nude blouse the first one in your picks is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Also love the palette of blues and browns and hooray for no black, I wear tons of it but am happy to see other colors making it to the forefront. Beautiful post..and the shoes....sigh!

  9. hi, I wanted to thank you for your nice comment you left on my blog.

    i don't moderate comments, i let the bad go through with the good and usually it works out fine. but when someone shows their own house and people decide to tear it down, because they want to tear me down, well, i just feel sorry for the homeowner. she was upset by all the nasty comments. so thank you sooo very much for leaving a nice one. it was much appreciated.

    cote de texas

  10. OMG! all look fabulous... like'em all!!!