Oversized Handbags for All Your Mommy Essentials with Guest Blogger Bellabusta

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boy do I wish blogs were around when my kids were small. Although my children are a bit older I remember the day when I too was struggling to balance being a fabulous and fashionable mom while raising a trove of tiny tots. Today we are so lucky to have great sources of inspirations from the many bloggers out there, posting on topics relevant to their respective stages of life.  One blog I love is Bellabusta, my guest here today, showing us the many chic ways to tote all a mother's necessities. No matter what your personal style is, there's something for everyone.

Bellabusta writes:

My son is almost 3. I still carry his diaper bag around.
WHY? Because my chic purple leather purse with the chain link handles is tiny. It is not meant to hold 3 diapers, 2 pacifiers, 1 sippy cup and a bevy of "just-in-case" snacks. So when I go out I resort to carrying my trusty Carter's diaper bag with its little carriage emblem. Seriously.
No more excuses. I compiled oversized stylish handbags that can carry everything an overloaded mom needs (without the teddy bears and pastels!) Continue reading for a selection of carryalls for the Classic Mom, the Sporty Mom and the Artsy Mom. All are under $75!
Classic Mom
Classic Mom by bellabusta featuring a ribbed sweater

Sporty Mom
Sporty Mom by bellabusta featuring a denim jacket

Artsy Mom
Artsy Mom by bellabusta featuring flower dresses

Which style of mom are you? Which bag is your favorite? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I love a great over-sized bag! It always feel substantial with an outfit!

  2. I'm a classic mom. Loved your selection of bags.

    Thanks for your fashion info!

  3. I'm also a classic mom. I had a black quilted "Chanel-inspired" diaper bag (with chains) that I used even after we didn't need diapers (so good for holding all those snacks, toys, crayons, wipes, books, extra underwear, etc.).

    Before I became a mom, I saw an acquaintance at a party reach into her giant bag for something to soothe her agitated toddler. She was clearly exhausted (she was very pregnant) but to me I thought she looked so beautiful - I so wanted to be that mother, whose bag contained all the items her child could ever need to be content. I honestly don't remember what style this mother's bag was but I never forgot this image and I was thrilled to be able to lovingly mix functionality with fashion when my son was born a few years later.

  4. This is a great post. I leave the diaper bag with the extras in the car and carry all my essentials in my massive handbag too. I love the sporty mom look.

  5. I'm not a mom yet, but that doesn't stop me from lusting after the light gray one with golden details. So gorgeous! And yes, these look so much better than the pastel ones you are "supposed to" use =)

    xoxx Linda

  6. Over-sized bag is always perfect for me, you will never know when you love to do shopping then you have a bag for it, And I can bring everything I need, I travel for work so I really have to use big bags.

  7. Since I became a Mom an over sized bag has always been helpful. I can put inside anything for the kids and for me. As long as the bag is stylish I don't really care if it's an over sized bag :)

  8. Oversize bags are not just oversize women. I am petite but I don't go without my oversize bag. Thanks for postting :)