Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hey everyone! Hope you had a meaningful Rosh Hashana and a fabulous weekend! After 3 straight days of indulging in gourmet meals I am sure I am not the only one here intent on buckling down at least for this week, before the next onslaught of holidays, and upping my exercise and diet routine. Last night my daughter glanced at my protruding belly and said, "Mommy! I never saw you this fat!" Nice, right?

So I'm here to talk about what I do to get myself detoxed from food overload and offer some tips that will psychologically and mentally keep you from completely falling off the wagon.  One of the first things you must do is (1) make time for 30 to 40 minutes of alternating high and low intensity aerobic activity. I am most certainly not an exercise lover, but I do know that when I over-indulge...this combination literally shakes up my body and pumps up my metabolism. Since I live on a lake I personally like to walk/run. So how does a modest skirt wearer go walking and running in a serious manner? 

I'd like to share with you a unique and fabulous garment that was gifted to me by one of my sponsors; an ingenious idea that I had actually never seen before I connected with Kosher Casual.  The running skirt is a comfortable knee covering skirt that has leggings attached and built right into the garment. The fabric is made of polyamide and lycra and is lightweight but stretchy enough to be supportive and comfortable. It even has an invisible built in waist pocket for your keys or ipod! I have never truly felt such a freedom while running in a skirt as I did wearing this garment. It feels like you're only wearing leggings but is as modest as a flaired midi skirt. This running skirt can be found at Kosher Casual along with many other great pieces for layering and modest dress.

Dressing properly for your workout will definitely enhance your exercise experience. What do you think about this garment?

More of my favorite tips for having a successful 'jump-start' detox day:

2. I drink a tall glass of warm green tea with a few capfuls of organic apple cider vinegar to start my day. Yes it's gross but this is not about taste, it's about flushing your system and getting back to a healthy balance. The green tea raises your metabolism and the apple cider vinegar gently 'scrubs' and flushes out your digestive system. Try to drink a couple of these in the day.

3. Start with dealing with just one Don't make big overwhelming plans for no carbs for a week. Try to have a healthy, whole grain carb during breakfast and skip the carbs for the rest of the day. Eat lots of lean protein and veggies (duh!) and STAY AWAY FROM WHITE FLOUR! Carbs hold onto water so by doing this you will eliminate bloat which will motivate you by making you feel slimmer quickly.

4. Don't skip breakfast!! This is a biggie. You can't fool your body. If it doesn't get what it needs during the day it will attack you at night for food. At that point you are tired and have much less self control. Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast and tell your body to turn on its engine and start burning calories! Plus you will crave less in the evening, I promise.

Here are some great breakfast ideas:

5. Get dressed nicely in the clothes that make you feel your best. Psychologically when you feel good you view yourself as more successful and in control and will act in accordance.
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6. Fit in one treat that will not sabotage or affect your diet. For me it's a skinny latte with a little mocha. Eat something today that will make you happy. When you are emotionally satisfied from food you will have more self control.

7. Set a time limit when you will be finished eating and stick to it! Whether it's 6, 7 or 8 pm, say goodbye to food for the day (I's SOOO hard) and make up to meet first thing in the morning. Plan your breakfast and (as I say to my kids all the time) go find something else to do!

Congratulations! You made it through one day! Now all you have to do is make it through the next one!


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  1. Those are some really great tips. I've been feasting a lot too lately and it's begun to show!! Taking a day at a time seems a lot less encumbering than making grand plans for a month or so.

  2. Ugh... I am in need of detox and some weight loss. I don't know where I misplaced my motivation. I think I will start w/ trying to eat breakfast instead of skipping it and the tea. xo

  3. Amazing tips! I definitely reach for green tea when I'm looking to eat clean!

  4. we should all be as 'fat' as you!
    kids say the darn-dest things!
    great tips!

  5. Sharon, I raise my cup of green tea to you. Trying really hard to stick to my clean and healthy eating plan and program. Thanks for giving me some additional inspiration today.
    You look AWESOME, never fat. Oy, can't believe I said that f word.
    G'mar Tov,

  6. Great tips, I really need to do a detox, my tummy is always upset, so this helps! Thanks for the advice.

  7. The image of the young woman with the Chanel clutch on this post is from You should contact PetiteAsianGirl for the OK to use the image or remove it.

    Those are some really great tips, though. I think it would do well to start finish a detox before any major diet changes. That way, we don't die from cravings!

  8. Thanks for the tips, I need to try a detox soon.

  9. Great tips and a reminder that it's a great time to start eating healthier. With moving this August and settling in a new place, grabbing quick food has become the norm and I need to get back to slowing down and eating healthier ... thanks for the inspiration! xoxo Happy Monday, sweets!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  10. Haha, it's funny that you said don't miss breakfast and ironically that's the name of my blog! I try so hard to eat breakfast everyday, but I've just been raised without eating breakfast for so long!


  11. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment! Glad you did because I love your blog! This post strikes a cord because even though I'm running and exercising I am definitely not on track with my eating lately. Ill need to try this jump start detox for sure! Just the motivation i needed :)