Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A week from tonight is the Jewish holiday of Sukkos. This is the final and longest holiday in this series of fall holidays that start with the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana, continue with our holiest day, Yom Kippur and end with the joyous celebration of Sukkos. This is the holiday that we build and decorate huts outside our homes where we eat our festive meals and basically just hang out. And as mentioned in my previous table setting inspirations post,  while most people are putting thought into menus and shopping lists, I'm dreaming up ideas for decorating. The common thing to do is to decorate traditionally using foliage, fruits and tinsel crafts. But I prefer to turn this simple exterior 'box' that a Sukkah is into a mini 'jewel box' of a room. Every year I dream up a different theme, usually based on a color scheme that has inspired me. One year I did orange and turquoise, another year, eggplant and bordeaux. I had a lime green Sukkah and a black and silver one dripping in mirrors and crystals. I definitely take this box 'out of the box'.

Here is my Sukkah from last year: 
Here is what I did:
I crumpled and ripped up a roll of brown craft  paper and glued it in pieces to the wall. Then I made oversized flowers out of crepe paper and connected them with yards of green tulle. In the center is an iron chandelier covered in green tulle and real roses.
In the year before last I decorated with black vinyl, crystal curtains, silver lame fabric flowers and mirrors:

There are an endless variety of ways to decorate your holiday and party tables. Here are some gorgeous inspirations to get your creative juices flowing:
The simple addition of a brightly patterned tablecloth adds a gorgeous background to contrasting fruits and flowers.
Embellish an iron candelabra (easily found in Walmart or Target) with flowers, foliage and crystals for a drop dead gorgeous hanging centerpiece.
This simple 'less is more' centerpiece adds architecural interest to a more modern table setting. Just stack three varying sizes of fish bowl vases (easily found at your local craft store) and place a beautiful flower in each one. 
For a shabby chic look, use a pretty throw as a tablet and place your centerpiece atop a cake stand for height. Hang inexpensive sheer curtains and twinkling lights for a soft ethereal effect.

A white on white tablescape looks fresh with natural foliage and twinkling lights.

Cluster a group of colorful lanterns with rope lighting for a fun and festive hanging centerpiece. You can even make your own with light kits, wire and fabric.

I love this idea of streamer chandeliers and crepe paper inexpensive and cheerful! Use any color combinating that makes you happy.

For a whimsical outdoorsy look add a burlap runner and lay some random ribbons and trim across the center of the table. Add  a pretty bow to each place setting.

Layers of chiffon are a gorgeous addition to your festive table setting. Place several heights of crystal candlesticks on your table and add large rose heads and colored pillar candles for a lavish centerpiece.
(Your local florist can supply you with mini vials to keep your roses hydrated.)

String lights, lanterns or candles will make a huge impact in the atomosphere of your nightime dining.

Here's another great idea using a burlap runner:  Combine inexpensive flower pots, white serving dishes, lush greenery and white flowers for a garden inspired dinner table.

Lime green and sunny yellow are a fresh color combo, and the easy availability of fruits and vegetables in these colors makes decorating with them easy. Simply tie fresh asparagus around several pillar candles and add some lemons and limes to your table.
And finally.... my personal Sukkah inspiration for this year:
Black and White stripes 
with a touch of 

So I'm off on my hunt for inexpensive black and white awning fabric and gilded accessories. And my first stop will be my basement to see what I already have. Can't wait to post pictures of the final result!
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  1. just gorgeous! Macy's had great ones for their flower show this year. Did you receive your coffee and holder? I was told it should have got to you yesterday. Have a great rest of the week!!

  2. wow so gorgeous, I love these pictures- the black white and gold combo is so classy!!!
    Come follow my blog!

  3. i'll be dreaming over several of these table settings. still planning out one for my wedding and candy land party come xmas. very exciting. thanks for the advice. wonderful post, love. thanks for sharing. I'd love if you check out my latest outfit post. It's all about simplistic drama and one of my ultra favorite fall trends. xoxo

  4. Sharon,your sukkah decor inspiration is amazing. Can't wait to see the design come to fruition. Black and white stripes with a touch of gold will be fantastic.

  5. Great tablescapes! I love the black and silver. I really like the shabby chic look you posted for inspiration.

  6. This post has me so excited to start my holiday decorating. Can't wait to see the final result!


  7. Such gorgeous inspiration photos! Love them all! xx

  8. Amazing ideas! My son was in awe of your prior sukkahs but (not surprisingly) he voted against chandaliers (my vote) and voted for the stacked fish bowl idea (no fish!) plus all the colorful lanterns. The potted plants/herbs reminded me of our wedding reception so I think I will do a "topiary" verson of that somehow.

  9. Oops, meant to write "chandeliers." long day = tired eyes.

  10. Fabulous table settings. I really love black and gold decor at the moment. You have a fab blog which I am now following:)

  11. Great home decor inspo ;)


  12. beautiful photos! thanks for stopping by my blog, now following! ;-)