Friday, October 07, 2011

Tonight is the start Yom Kippur, our day of atonement, and although this is not one of our 'fun' holidays, it truly is a special day, because it gives us a chance to stop and completely look inside ourselves to examine what we need to change in our lives for the better. We are able to literally wipe our past mistakes away and start fresh. We have a custom to wear white to remind us to aspire, for just one day, to be as pure as the angels. For one day we ignore our basic human needs and strive for perfection. And believe it or not, at the end of the day, most people feel quite joyous, spiritual and holy.

Now you may say, "After that whole speech, you are going to post beautiful photos including fashion and decor?" Well, I'll say it again; all the beauty in this world is for us to be utilized in the highest possible way. And that is holiness. After all, we still need to get dressed, feed our families, and run our homes. Why not do it in the most beautiful way?

And one last thought to keep in mind: 

Only through our mistakes are we able to truly learn from the experience of our failures. And if we face our wrongs and learn from them they can actually become a positive force for change and success. We can stay in the darkness of denial or face our mistakes and emerge into the light.

May this time bring forgiveness, hope and light into all of our lives.
Have a meaningful weekend.

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  1. classic and so elegant! great post

  2. White=so clean, so fresh, so new. Sharon, G'mar chatima tova! Have a meaningful day. xo, Oksana

  3. Fab post! I love that last picture! Have a good weekend:)

  4. White is so gorgeous and elegant. Great post!


  5. Love all the ideas behind this tradition. Once you (and your god) have forgiven, it is time to move on, no? We shouldn't dwell and continue to beat ourselves up for past mistakes...we learn, become better and start anew.
    Hope your day is filled with forgiveness, family, love and light!
    Best to you!
    PS...if you are going to step into the light..why not in that beauitful white fur coat, lol.

  6. What a beautiful post..took my breath away with all the white, it really is so pure looking.