Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mimi from LadyMama is back on Fashion-isha! If you remember the first post in this series, you'll recall how she rocked her downtown, funky style in creative and unique ways. Now she's here to show us some more really cool fashion in exciting combinations. 

(Caution: These looks may not be for those who are married to their 'same-old', ho-hum black and blaah wardrobes.)

Ready, set....go!

Hot and Cold

This outfit showcases one of my favorite Fall vintage-finds: a burnt red velvet dress (go Beacon's Closet!).  Burnt red is a staple Autumn color (look around!), so there's so much fun to be had in pairing it up with other pieces. This dress has been through five Falls so far and been worn with so many different boots, tights, jackets and scarves (oh my!). Here, I paired it with a blue ribbed sweater that has (drumroll please!) acorn accents! Total score for the Fall-obsessed. Of course, the elbow patches are another great styling tip to highlight the often masculine and certainly vintage aspects of the season. 

Autumn Dare: Dare to mix hot and cold! While warm colors are Autumn's signature, it's still chilly enough to wear cool. Mix your warms and cools to create a bold effect...and wear it boldly. And I DARE you to wear acorns—or any other woodsy accent, for that matter!—in your Autumn attire! 

Fall Flair

Underneath the monotone coat is a loud combo!  This outfit incorporates all my favorite things at once: Vests (especially jean!), animal print and loud color. Call me crazy, but I like to think of the jean and the orange tights as neutrals. Look at the trees outside—fall is the season that says, "Clashing is cool." I even dared to wear my yellow bag, and it still worked (or at least I think so, you'll comment if you disagree ;)). When I came inside and put down my hat, scarf and bag on my couch, I couldn't help but take an Autumn-palette snapshot. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! These colors truly bring me to life! 

Autumn Dare: Dare to wear it all at once! Instead of centering your outfit around one favorite, pull out all your beloved pieces and colors from your wardrobe and wear it together. You'll might just surprise yourself with just how well you can rock that Fall Flair! 

Mimi, I love all how you combined your colors, patterns and textures to create your super daring looks! And if you guys out there in blogland are afraid to try some of these bold mixes, here are some more great ideas inspired by LadyMama.
If your job is in a creative field, why not try orange and leopard for work?

Add a punch of color to one of your rooms with a glamorous bench in this combo.
Retro chic never looked better!
Ahh, here's a look for the more conservative dresser who's dying to try a pop of orange and leopard.
I LOVE this room. Notice how the depth of color and contrast add to the cozy mood of the space.

Which look is your favorite? How would you combine these patterns and colors? Comment away...we love hearing from you!

‘Til Next Time...
            Mimi & Sharon
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  1. I love leopard with denim and a pop of orange. Awesome combo! Well done you two gorgeous ladies.

  2. the animal print is lovely

  3. Love the look of leopard and orange mixed together I would have never thought of this and it's fabulous!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sharon!

    Hugs! Debra

  4. I ADORE orange and leopard together..actually leopard with any solid is ok by me, lol.
    Love your orange tights..how fabulous are those? I would consider them a neutral too.
    Happy turkey day ladies.

  5. the blue sweater is really cool one.
    Sorry for my delayned resonse but... the explanation you can find : http://letthefashionrocks.blogspot.com/2011/11/back4good-impresive-pics.html

  6. Happy Thanksgiving from the Gwen Beloti Collection. www.gwenbeloti.com. The GB Collection...Quality garments with a youthful yet classic feel, from dresses to separates,..for the independent stylista looking for a little edge and a feminine fit.

  7. hi to all www.fashion-isha.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say hi -
    regards speak again soon
    garry moore

  8. where is the leopard skirt from?

  9. where is the leopard skirt from?