Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recently I had the honor of speaking with Eve Cantor of Shop Your Closet and I loved what she does so much that I wanted to share it with you. Eve is a Personal Style Consultant (and ex- Barney’s Personal Shopper) and has brought personal shopping to the masses with her visionary new service, ShopYourCloset. I think that the universal language of a frustrated woman when it comes to getting dressed is "I have nothing to wear!" (And the universal solution to almost any problem? Shoes!! But we'll get to that a little later...)

So how to deal with that frustration? Eve will help you weed through your closet and put together outfits  you may have never dreamed of, using your own clothing, shoes and accessories.

So how does it work?

Here is a fantastic review of Shop Your Closet by Shoshana Raff of The Kosher Shopaholic:

"The idea behind ShopYourCloset is to ultimately help you save money on your wardrobe.  Instead of shopping for that new sweater, new skirt, or new ‘bling’ -find a new way to wear what you already have.  What happens after shopping your closet with Eve, though, is that you not only create a whole new wardrobe from your existing one, you also discover your own personal style and learn how to properly wear clothing for your body type and coloring.  And that’s what should happen when you work with a seasoned stylist and consultant.  Eve has turned her 20 years of personal shopping for the elite into a service that makes sense for the … not so elite.
So here’s what happens when you hire Eve.  She comes to your house, has you try on each item of clothing in your wardrobe and puts them together as entirely new outfits.   The outfits come together from her sense of style as well as her ability to read your body language, your comfort and facial expressions.  Each outfit is completed with accessories such as jewelery, scarfs, belts and shoes!
So what happens the next day, after you’ve put together a whirlwind of 30 or so new outfits?  You probably forget which is supposed to go with what and get so frustrated that you revert back to your old, tired but true way of wearing your clothes.  Not so.  Because Eve figured out that the trick to your new style education is to present you with a digital and physical photo album of you in each outfit.  This way when you wake up in the morning you don’t need two cups of coffee just to remember how to put yourself together.  You simply look in your album, point to an outfit and pull it out of your closet.
And what did thirty new outfits that you will wear cost you?  Certainly not as much as thirty brand new store bought outfits would have cost you.  Eve charges $50 an hour and recommends at least 4-6 hours for an initial consult.  She is also available to help you do some old fashioned personal shopping in the retail stores."
Contact Eve at 646-584-7540 or email her at

And if I were to 'shop' my closet and needed to only purchase one new item to update my looks, it would most definitely be shoes, which, as mentioned above, somehow make us feel better no matter what's going on! So for a little added fun, I've compiled some great pairs to choose from. And don't forget, for shopping your Eve at...Shop Your Closet! Happy Shopping!

Clockwise from top left: Marc by Marc Jacobs gold platform sandal, Marni suede flats, Aldo diamante platform pumps, Boutique 9 suede wedges, Asos ankle strap platform in orange, Payless stiletto black platform pump, Asos colorblocked platform pump, Madewell two tone platform, Asos chunky slingback in green.
Until Next Time,
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  1. Sounds like an amazing service! Def appealing, because you don't have to shell out a bunch of cash to get fresh looks. Thanks for sharing!



  2. great idea!

    thanks for sharing

  3. LOVE this concept! Such a brilliant idea!!! Definitely worth the fee when it saves money in shopping! XO brynn

  4. I would KILL to have that closet of shoes! Brilliant idea, by the way :)

    XX Kathryn

  5. This sounds amazing ;) I try to "shop my closet" at times when I feel like I just want to go online and buy something new (which is almost daily-lol). I think the idea behind this is super smart!


  6. Great service, and goodness knows most women at one point or another have felt desperate for a closet magic fairy to step in and answer their prayers as to what to put with what, what to keep,etc..... Smart service indeed.

  7. Hi! I hopped over from MoMoMod :-)

    How fab is that service?! Shame we can't have it over here in the UK (Although I do think my wardrobe will be the exception - totally unworkable! lol!)

  8. What a great service and not sure why someone didn't think of this sooner. I just need someone to pick out more color for me because I keep falling back to black. I'm not doing that for spring!


  9. Brilliant, love this idea...need to call this stylish lady!

  10. What an amazing service!!! You would be surprised the NEW outfits that can be created. Also by adding one new thing to it can totally change it up. Great post!

  11. I think I would feel like a star having Eve come and style me and my closet!!! Bookmarking this info...might be the nicest gift to myself one of these days.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. Would love such a service...such a great idea!!

  13. great idea , thanks for sharing, kisses