Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday! Things slowed down a little for me this week and I was able to catch up on life and start working on crossing things off my to do list for my next big project. I also worked on being grateful and happy with all the little things we take for granted in life like the time, energy and health to be able to accomplish everything, while also being kind to myself and accepting my limitations. Even though I never fully finish my to do list for the day, by rolling it over to the next, I'm ensured that I'll always have something productive to look forward to accomplishing.

I realized that it's not the circumstances in our lives that create our happiness, but the glasses which we choose to wear, that will determine how we view our circumstances. I like to see everything in a pretty light and I try to be imaginative when it comes turning seemingly annoying things into something positive. It's a good mental exercise and it's really conducive to feeling content and satisfied. So here are some of my favorite things from the week:


At a recent meeting I found myself sitting and listening to my friends and co-workers completely going crazy with excitement over some recipe (or cookbook or whatever), and it hit me that I just don't get that excited about cooking. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Jewish wife and mother and I can throw together a gourmet meal when I need to just like anyone else, but I wouldn't call it a passion. I find if I'm in the kitchen for more than 2 hours straight I start to self implode, and the only thing that can save me is a quick dash out the door to a Starbucks or something. 

But then of course, the guilt hit me, and I realized I've been making the same 'cheat' duck sauce chicken for Shabbos every week for...let's just say a VERY long time. So I searched for another variety of a 'cheat' meal to ease my guilt (and prevent self implosion) and I found this heavenly looking recipe right on my friend Sarah's fabulous website, Guilt be gone!!

Get the recipe HERE!


The recent Fashion Weeks swiftly moved from New York to London, and now to Milan. And there continues to be so many gorgeous and modest looks for fall that I just can't seem to keep up! One of the collections that stood out and made my heart skip a beat was the beyond beautiful Alberta Ferretti Fall 2012 Collection. If you love black and are looking for new ways to keep it current you will love all the rich black leather, fur and chiffon in this collection. And the touch of purple is just divine. 

See for yourself:

To shop for similar and beautiful items, custom chosen by me, go visit my boutique on Lyst by clicking HERE!

Another favorite for the week: knock out lashes.
I pretty much do my makeup the same everyday. I like a lot of black eyeliner, a soft sheer lip and some highlighting bronzer. But recently I've noticed that lush lashes are getting a lot of press, so I decided to try a new homemade 'recipe' for knock out lashes and focus on giving my eyelashes a little more wow power.
And I even had the guts to make a little video showing you how! (For some reason, part of the audio/video isn't synced so well, but I'm posting anyway..) 

I was surprised how long and thick I've been able to get my lashes looking....I truly thought the days of lush lashes were gone!

Hope you try it and let me know what you think!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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  1. yummm im super hungry now that look so delicious

    have a great friday ;-)

  2. such a fun post! loved the tips and that dish looks so yummy!

  3. Sharon you're so cute you know that? I thought my lashes needed help a few weeks ago and tried some false lashes that won't be happening again! I glued my eye shut and scared the husband!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Is this what we are eating tonight?

  5. Thanks for the tip on knock out lashes! It's actually quite simple. I so have to try that now. Happy weekend Sharon!

  6. The food looks amaaazing!

  7. That cheat dish looks fabulous- I could never imagine spending more than 2 hours in the kitchen either!

    LOOOVED the video tutorial, you should do more!

    XX Kathryn

  8. This Alberta Ferretti look is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loving the (oh so mean) fur pieces!

    love K

  9. What a fun post - perfect for the end of a hectic week. I am SO trying that chicken recipe for another Shabbat dinner...when the urge to cook strikes me (I've been on cooking strike lately :-)

    Alberta Ferretti is one of my favorites! I have an AF cocktail dress I absolutely cherish. These looks are an amazing continuation of the wonderful looks we've been seeing lately.

    Love your makeup tips and also the music! You so need your own show!!!

  10. Looks yummy! The food as well as the fashion and beauty collection ;)
    Thank u for being such a lovely follower...I love sharing comments!

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

  11. Love those knock out eye lashes! My daughter is an NFL cheerleader (Seattle Seahawks) and sooo I have the inside scoop too ;) and wear them every now and then. Your method of "layering" worked well!

    The chicken dish looks yummy and cheers to enjoying and appreciating those little things in life.

    Have a fun weekend!


  12. My husband would die for that Moroccan dish. Might be worth giving it a shot (although I'm not much of a cook)!


  13. That recipe looks delish AND easy - perfect!

    The Ferretti line is gorgeous! I get teased for wearing so much black, but nothing beats it for an elegant, chic look.

    So glad big lashes are making a comeback; great video!


  14. neat post, hope u are having a great weekend! I am heading to the city tomorrow for the Coffee and Tea Festival. Be sure to check out my blog around March 5th for a great jewelry giveaway!! :)

  15. That chicken looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sharon. Hope you will visit often - you've got a terrific blog, too. Have a great weekend.

  16. Good lighting is key and I love candles ;)


  17. I love your Friday Favorites ;)Good for the stomach and closet!


  18. I loved your video tutorial!! so much fun--I've tried false eyelashes for a few black tie events--they look fantastic but I couldn't do it all the time. Have a great weekend, barbara

  19. Sharon,
    I loved your video!! So fun to hear your voice and learn some tips! I have long, but not so thick lashes. I'm going to give this a try on my next night out!!!

    And, regarding meals....I have been in a rut for a while and recently tried some new things. What a difference it made for my family!!!

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  20. is that blue mascara photo from refinery 29? i love it, is it ysl right? really wanna get one of the colored mascaras even though i always rub the stuff off.