Thursday, March 08, 2012

Today is Purim, the Jewish Holiday I've been talking about in a few recent posts, where we celebrate the miracle of a complete reversal of an evil decree to a positive celebration of freedom. One of the themes of Purim is V'nahafach Hu which means when things get turned upside down or reversed (ie the bad decree being reversed into a good one). Purim is a festive day of fun and parties where we get dressed up in costumes. What a better time to post some of the looks of two of the most celebrated experts in costuming themselves, plus how they can surprisingly look so classy when reversing their usual styles. I'm talking about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I don't usually post pictures of them because honestly, they are usually far from 'divine and refined' in their attire and behavior, but at the end of this post you'll  see how amazing they actually look when they clean up their acts. 

Enjoy the costume inspirations of these two artists:
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Aww...and now, you girls looks sooo beautiful!
Which just goes to show...anyone can create their image just by choosing their makeup, what they wear and how they's all up to you! How do you want to be perceived??
Love you all!
Have an amazing and fun day!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your holiday! I am not a fan of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga at all, but I respect that they have their own sense of style...And you are right, they definitely do clean up nicely ;)


  2. WHOA! They sure have colorful personalities!! I can't believe the pic is Katie at the bottom..I would have never ever recognized her, she looks so demure:) Enjoy your holiday Sharon~

  3. These are two beautiful women when they clean up but it is their business to look ridiculous. Happy Purim Sharon!


  4. I love Katy Perry's look!! She always looks amazing, with the arty retro-ness of it!! What a great celebration, I hope it's a wonderful time for you!! To answer your question, some of the buildings are houses and others businesses, there is also a bowling green in the middle of the square where you see people bowl or play tennis on the other side. Will have to remember to take a picture, so you can see better :) Hope you have a sweet day flower!! xx

  5. only celebrities can pull of these styles ;-)

  6. These two ladies have the most carefully crafted images. It always feels as if every move they make has been orchestrated.

    Happy Purim Sharon!

    rolala loves

  7. Love their unique style so inspiring! I hope you have a beautiful day! xoxo

  8. Another great post - "The Undivine and Unrefined" - so clever! So perfect for Purim!

    I am embarrassed to say I don't even know who Katy Perry is. Do I live in a shell, you ask? Maybe, sort of (probably because I work too much and my son isn't into pop culture yet thankfully). Even my husband doesn't know who she is (or so he says :-)

    On the other hand, Lady Gaga I am very familiar with, and very much respect. Yes, her outfits are generally immodest (her videos are worse), but she is undeniably talented (divinely, in my opinion), and you are right she cleans up nicely. She is reported to be extremely generous and all about her art and her friends. As far as I'm concerned, her talent, intelligence (have you read/heard her interviews?!), free thinking, and authenticity make her very much the Lady she is!

    Why aren't the Kardashians "Undivine and Unrefined"???!?? Maybe they aren't eccentric artists, but unless I'm missing something, they are vapid and not value-added ("trash" is the word that comes to mind really). I do not care that they can somehow manage to look "elegantly pulled together" on occasion. From simply watching them on their show (let alone what is reported on how they live their lives), they do not seem like quality individuals, at least not from where I sit.

    The lesson is this - as much as modesty matters in our family,my 9 year old son already knows well that we don't judge individuals simply by their "cover" - but instead look carefully at the "content of their character"!

    Happy Purim!

  9. I'm liking Katy Perry's look :) and Lady Gaga.. well let's just say she is in a class all her own. Hard to say what she will do next!

    Have a wonderful holiday Sharon! Looks like lots of fun and I hope your costume is a success!


  10. Thanks for explaining Purim! I was unaware. Yes, you can definitely create a persona. There are lots of people that are good at that. hahaha

  11. Honestly, am
    pleasantly surprised to see Gaga in no outrageous makeup or flesh on her head she does luk pretty Katy too

  12. Love this post! I'm so sick of the over-the-top hollywood getups! Nice connection to Purim :)

    xo Rachel