Overcoming the Monday Blues

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's the beginning of a new week, it's that dreaded Monday morning. Well at least that's the hype that Monday morning gets. I personally love Monday mornings. I guess I just do better with a schedule and routine. My kids used to get upset at me when I would tell them Monday is my favorite day, because they thought I was happy they were going  back to school. Well, of course I was! But besides for that they also were happier with a routine.

It doesn't take much to make me happy on a Monday morning. With a warm mug of flavored coffee in my hands, and just several minutes after I've happily welcomed my cleaning lady into my home, I bid a cheerful goodbye to my daughter as she leaves for school, and I literally feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

I know I'm lucky because I love my jobs as a mother (yes, we are still mothers even when our kids are in school), a homemaker, a volunteer event planner, and a blogger. I may not make much in dollars but I doubt you can put a price on all the benefits I receive. So I am lucky.

And it makes me so sad when I hear about so many people having those Monday blues! It's not because I feel bad for them. Even if you have to work in a job you don't like, there are so many ways to make your Mondays beautiful. And it all starts with a state of mind, an attitude of gratitude and the glasses your choose to see life through.

So, with the help of some of my most recent favorites from Pinterest, here are some tips that I personally use for making my Mondays the beginning of a most fabulous week of living fully and happily. Here they are:

1. As you enter into a new week focus on all the beauty surrounding you, at first you may not see it, but it's always there...
2. Make yourself beautiful! Wear clothes that make you feel great and take a few peaceful moments for a beauty routine...it will ease you pleasantly out into the world.
When things that others do upset you, try to move your focus away from blaming, and onto growing your strengths...
 Squeeze in some time for the small pleasures that help you get through your day, like relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea, you're worth it!
Be social! Smile and chat with your co-workers, the barista at the coffee shop, your friends. There's nothing more comforting than sharing the human experience.

 Eat well. Eat foods that are healthy and good for your body, mind and spirit. It may take some extra time to prepare, but this can make all the difference in your day.
 Be grateful for all the little (and big) things in your life. When your mind focuses on how lucky you are there is no room for negativity.
 Stop worrying so much! All you have to deal with is this moment. 
Have a great Monday!

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  1. All of this is so true. Even when I'm at my dullest the moment I make up my mind to get dressed, hopping into the shower, doing my hair and makeup changes my entire view. Big hug...

  2. Such a beautiful post, it inspired me to go back to my blog after 5 months :)

  3. I actually love Mondays too, Sharon. Much more now than I used to when I had to head to an office ... my studio hours are my own ... yes, I'm very (did I say very?) busy, work harder than I EVER did when I worked for someone else, but it really makes a difference when I'm the one scheduling my time. I agree so much with all of your sentiments ... I try to find something in every day to celebrate, and there is always something, no matter how simple! Thanks for a lovely Monday post1 xo

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou

  4. Thank you for these beautiful Monday reminders to appreciate the smaller things in life. Just what I needed to read on a Monday!

    Have a great & positive week.



  5. I do occasionally get a case of "The Mondays", but inspiration like this helps ;)


  6. SOOO lovely post:)and so true wise words. I think you are a beautiful person inside and out.
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  7. Gorgeous words and gorgeous images Sharon. I too don't mind Mondays. I guess that means we love our life, and are not counting the days to the weekend; what I always wanted to achieve-to love every day :-)
    Thank you for reminding me Sweets xx

  8. Um that kitchen set up is to dieee for!!! Such great photos :)

    xo Rachel


  9. I, too, look forward to Mondays. Everyone in the house gets back to their own routine and I can tackle some of the things that took a backseat over the weekend.

    These are great ideas to use every day to make each day the best it can be!

    Hope your Monday was wonderful!
    xoxo elizabeth

  10. did you just start doing this posts (because i remember another one like this)? because i love these inspiring little posts and photos you put along with them. thank you so much. i see monday in a bit of a different light now. so glad whether you comment on my blog or i stumble on your blog, either way i am following it and am so glad.

  11. I love that kitchen! Beautiful post and wonderful images and reminders to stay in the moment and find happiness in the little things. I tell my kids to always find something good in each day, smile, and give people the benefit of the doubt rather than allowing them to get under your skin or trouble you. Light candles, put on your make up, wear something pretty, and have passion for life. Fun post Sharon! Oh, yes! Going to Paris in June/July and will look forward to sharing. xo

  12. This is so timely. I needed that. Mondays are always rough for me, having a really stressful job - especially lately. This email states what my husband tells me all the time, but it's nice to hear it in another way and from someone else. I worry too much and all the time. It's hereditary. :(

    Thank you for such an inspiring, uplifting email. I will make tomorrow a better day.


  13. Beautiful!! I like things like this at the start of a new week :) We sometimes spend too much time complaining and less time looking at the beautiful things we do have, it would make our lives much better if we did :) I hope you have a wonderful week darling girl!! xxx

  14. Lovely post and what you say is so true especially about living in the moment and enjoying the little things.

  15. I like Mondays, but after reading this post of yours, I like it even more! Thank you for that!! xox Linda

  16. Great post Sharon. I love Mondays too and of course it helps to love what you do. But best advice is to stop critiquing and put our energy on bettering ourselves because we all could only gain from that.

  17. Sharon, I agree totally and some Mondays are easier than others. It's about finding little things each day to find the joy in! Otherwise you can get caught up in the drudgery! I try to be a Pollyanna, not a curmudgeon. Great post.

    Kim :)

  18. LOVE this! Guess what? I actually took photo #1!! It's from a vacation in Nantucket. I still get excited when I see a photo I took floating around the web. Makes me realize it's a small world after all. You have the best attitude. Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom. xo