Red Hot! Is Red an Immodest Color?

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

When I was growing up, I was told that wearing red was immodest. I'm not sure if this is technically a Jewish rule of modesty (halacha) or if it was just something that became culturally accepted. Red is definitely a powerful color, one that evokes passion, appetite and is known to elevate people's heart rates. Maybe that's why on one hand it's so attractive, and on the other, possibly a bit too provocative.

Either way, here are some super glamorous and modestly styled dresses in red. Do you wear red? How do you feel about these dresses?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Whether you like to wear red or not, it certainly becomes even more amazing and definitely more wearable when paired with black.

If you prefer just a touch of red, try a bright red lip with a smoky eye, one of the most current makeup trends, especially for a formal event or party.

And this color combo is also especially great if you want dramatic details in decor, whether it be for a fabulous room or an exciting party.

I personally don't usually like to wear red. But my favorites here are the second dress, for its ladylike and demure styling; the fourth look, because it's sooo chic; the shoes in the fifth photo;  and the brilliant party idea in the last photo.

What are your thoughts on using red in fashion, makeup and decor? Which pictures are your favorites?
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  1. I usually don't wear red since I don't think it looks very good on me. I'm also not such a big fan of the color in general- just a personal taste thing. I do however love some of the toned down dresses you show above, just not the super bright red.

  2. I love red, and I wear it all the time. As for being raised that it's "not nice"? Both of my parents are European and they tell me to wear that red skirt all the time (I have two bright red ones).

    As for a color being "immodest"? Hashem created all the beautiful hues in the world, found in nature and inspiring art. Why should red be more problematic than anything else?

    When we lived in other cultures, we took on their customs. Reference, for instance, a Rembrandt painting called "The Jewish Bride." She's wearing a red dress.

  3. I just bough the most sexy red shoes with bling on it!
    It's true, I felt sexy when I wore them the first time!
    I love red and I don't wear it enough!!!
    Lovely post,xo

  4. Hi there...I love red, immodest or not I love it! I do wear it and feel good in it. Don't have it in my home though.....I appreciate it when done well, just not a very soothing color for the home in large doses in my opinion..but a gorgeous red dress....YES!!!!

  5. men find the color red the most attractive on a women, i don't own any red clothing ( i would like to soon) but i have found men find red lipstick sexy as well ;-)

  6. I have a red Marc Jacobs handbag that I can wear with almost everything. It is just the right shade of red, somewhat a soft strawberry shade. Wearing red reminds me of my Grandmother {another great reason for me to wear this happy colour}.

  7. I love Red but don't use it all the time. I feel more comfortable using it's warmer hue in the fall or winter. I use is it in small splashes at home as well but sure is a beauty. I love the Olivia Palermo dress (#2)!

  8. I love red, and I think it can definitely be modest. I mean any color can be modest with the right shapes and fit.

  9. The red dresses are gorgeous but I don't wear all red because I don't like to stand out that much. I'll wear a red blouse but that's about it. Beautiful post.


  10. I love red and I do wear it. I love that first dress :) I was also taught not to wear it because it's bright and draws attention.
    I actually wore a red dress (not bright red) to my sister's wedding!
    Great post!!

  11. I still shy away from any clothing in red. I tend to use red accessories, lipstick (if I am wearing my beloved black) and nail varnish. Unlike Dorothy I don't think I've ever owned a pair of red shoes in my life :-(

  12. Hi Sharon,

    I don't wear red because it isn't flattering with the tone of my skin. Red is definitely a color that attracts the eye and makes a statement. I'd be more inclined to add a touch of red rather than go for the full on glam look. I like red roses and bits of red in my home. I have a red retro blender in my kitchen ;)


  13. I love the color red, especially in decor. Unfortunately I can't find many shades of red that are flattering on my skin tone.

  14. second dress is definitely my favorite! I usually wear red lipstick, never tried a red dress yet.

  15. I really like the second dress the best too! Ive never worn a red dress but theres a first time for everything:)

  16. OK...this is kind of eerily well timed. I hardly ever wear red anymore, but today I pulled out this great red trench raincoat. I needed a boost and when I looked at my raincoat options, this one just felt right for this gray day.

    Now, perhaps immodest....wearing red when I was growing up in Dallas was the norm. Lots of color. Maybe b/c it's a warm climate? But, it's funny...the older I've gotten the less red I wear.

    And, my favorite the women in black with the red peek-a-boo Fendi bag. I think I'd be just fine with that!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  17. OK this is my kind of post Sharon! Red is RED and means strength to me. Cheers me up and wakes my senses, adds energy and I love it in clothes and on lips (beautiful full lips that is) and accessories for sure, bag and mainly shoe, pump, everyone should have a red PUMP!! Or ballerina slipper. It works great with blue and pink and black...oh you name it((: Love the second photo/ dress from top, it is and amazing photo! Red is a basic to me(:
    Great inspiration post...need to go and get some red roses for our garden to plant, love those too...
    Big hug Z

  18. omi. omi. omi. i love the outfit where the long red is paired with the black jacket, i would totally wear that! I don't know, i've read that red is for confidence and also people who want to stand out. I recently bought red blazer, so in no way provocative! but very bright and gets attention. I think if styled like how you show in your post, red can be attractive but not too sexy and immodest.

  19. The right shade of red complements my coloring well; though I don't wear red head-to-toe every day because I tend to dress very conservatively at my work and just don't feel like drawing that much attention (plus, black is more slimming :-). So, while I love to see it on others, for me it's more of a "special event" color. I have an amazingly long red BCBG Max Azria evening gown, which I love for formal events.

    Also, my wonderful hubby, who is very good at surprising me with jewelry, purses, shoes (he really knows his stuff!) bought me a pair of black Louboutins. So, those beautiful red soles plus a bit of amazing red lipstick, which I was introduced to wearing when I lived in Venezuela, is just enough red for me on most days!

    I adore every single dress you posted, plus the tablescapes. The hanging roses are my favorite. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!!

  20. I am a red fan because it goes with so many other colors. I remember when Princess Diana wore red and pink which you would not think of but it looked great. Hope you are having a fab week!!

  21. Sharon I love this. I am really enjoying red right now. It just looks fresh with so much. My goal for Spring is to get a red handbag. I think the first picture is my favorite! The dress is so pretty. All of these just make me want to bring more red into my home too.
    Great Post!


  22. Red has always been my favourite colour. I love the drama of it and I agree, it's an amazingly powerful colour. I especially love red stilettos.

  23. As a redhead, I usually look good in maroon shades of red. I do have red pumps, bag, cardi and a ruby statement necklace to add some pop to a plain black dress. I have not found the right red hat yet, though.

  24. Gorgeous inspiration! "When in doubt, wear red"

  25. I love red! I too grew up in a very conservative home but black was more of an issue than red. I love them both, for my home (my dining room is painted red & my living room has red sofas) and my dress. There is nothing better than a pair of red shoes! I love your posts! I look forward to them each & every time! Hugs

  26. Wonderful post! I'm always a little hesitant to go head to toe red, but this give me some ideas. My coloring is always a bit pinky/rosey so I feel like it just makes me look flush. Found your blog today via Running on Happiness. Newly following!


  27. I love red! It all depends on the outfit! We can pair it with cream or navy and it can be really chic and elegant!