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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

By now you all know how I feel about taking care of yourselves right? I mean we are women, and we are busy, and we have endless responsibilities, and we could easily ignore our needs, and it would save us lots of time, right? Wrong!

I've always found that when you invest in yourself just a little, it makes all the difference in being effective and happy with all you have to do for everyone else. Otherwise you may just burn out and end up with resentment. 
And every woman should especially make some type of exercise or fitness program a priority. Exercise helps with not only health and vitality, but also keeps you young and is a great stress buster. I do feel a little bit like a hypocrite writing this because I'm not one to do hard core or gruelling workouts on a regular basis.  For me, if I'm going to give myself time to work out, it has to be enjoyable and fun. 

So when I heard about Got Pole? I seriously fell in love with what Rochel Mermelstein, the Director of this cool fitness center, was all about. I had a little chat with Rochel, and in her own words she explains the background and philosophy of her fitness center:

          "We are an all women's dance and fitness center. We offer an array of interesting classes that make exercising a blast while making you look amazing!  We offer awesome pole classes, hip hop, belly dance,  hiphotic (R) , yoga, TRX and boot camp. Our studio is a place for women to come have lots of fun in a warm, energetic  and friendly atmosphere. 

I am a personal trainer with training in many areas from karate, yoga, strength training , hiphop to pole. I have been teaching many years and love working with the mind and body. Most of all I love when people feel great and have a great time, exercise CAN be fun!

It has always been one of my dreams to open a place where women can have a great time and be in a clean proper setting. I have had a personal training / pole studio ( one on one ) for years. Everyone who has taken pole class with me has had such amazing changes in their lives, from the way they feel to the way they look. Now with classes, we can give that over to more and more women!

Our goal is to create an environment with no judgement where women can not just come for exercise but come to enjoy themselves. We have all different types of people and the respect and learning from each other that goes on is unreal. Every one has so much to give and in our studio, you get to see that and take it with you in your daily life.

Fitness keeps you healthy , happy and feeling good. In life there are so many pressures and things to be busy with. Taking the time to work out gives us that balance to go on with positive energy , which affects everything we do.

We have lots of classes, although our main attraction is the pole class.  Our pole class is based on a mix of yoga, ballet, and gymnastics. It is an amazing work out, but even more, it is a mind and body workout. We learn to connect to sound in a way you never have, and use it to dance. It is emotional and fun at the same time. Our class helps women love who they are and not feel the need to always be what ever all the pressures say we need to be. Women float out of class completely uplifted. "

So there you have it. I wish I lived closer because I seriously would sign up ASAP for one of these amazing classes. Besides for having such great options in exercise, I personally love Rochel's attitude and outlook, which I'm sure her fitness center is infused with.

If you live in the world, definitely look into taking care of yourself this summer. If you live in Brooklyn, USA, here's a fun and easy way to do it: Sign up for one of these classes!

Call 347-709-7563 or 347-842-8839 for more info. or check out Got Pole? on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Until next time,

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  1. Dearest Sharon... I have finally come over to visit and follow. I want to thank you for all the lovely visits and patiently following me and all the wonderful comments! You have been so kind and loyal as has my other bloggy friends while I get my life back on track after divorce, selling houses etc! I am most grateful to you. THANK YOU! And my oh my do I need a work out. I have just discovered Zumba dancing through a friend and am about to take the plunge!! Phew.. I am going to feel it big time!!

    Sending Hugs


  2. Yesterday I did say tomorrow and truth be told... today I'll probably say tomorrow. Ugh. I would feel like a complete fool taking a pole class I think. I am sure I would giggle like a 12 year old the entire time, prove how ungraceful and klutzy I am and they would probably kick me out! xo

  3. Fitness is definitely something worth investing time in and it's nice that there are so many choices of activities these days so that it doesn't become a boring chore.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Rochel MermelsteinJune 27, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Debby I just want to tell you, you would not feel silly, it is so much fun you forget you are exercising! Every one has so much to offer and its a blast!

  5. Rochel MermelsteinJune 27, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    we have cheap trial classes for people to come and check it out ... so much fun

  6. I really need to get motivated and get my self in shape, after getting sick this past week I realized how important getting in shape was - ugh.

    ps- yes use whatever picture you'd like!

    Xo Megan

  7. This place is the greatest! I love love love it. Hip hotic and pole all the way. This is an awesome place!!

  8. This place is the best!! I've taken a few different classes there and they're all amazing!! The pole classes are the greatest!!!

  9. Its such a pretty placee!! :) And i just started working out yesterday so this feels funny to stumble upon hehe :)

    Do check out my blog & follow if you like : ) :
    A little More Love

    & follow the Facebook page : ):
    A little More Love Facebook Page

  10. Rochel MermelsteinJune 27, 2012 at 10:56 PM

    Just wanted to let any one who is interested know , this sunday and monday the 1 and 2 of july, got pole will be having $10 pole trials for any one to come try and see this amazing class
    347 245 4567 thank you.

  11. I've been thinking about pole dancing for some time as I hear it's a great workout! Thanks for the info!

    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  12. I love this concept of making exercise fun!!


  13. I really need to spend more time taking care of myself. I need to get in shape again and I'm determined to do it and also eat better as lately I've felt tired and run down. Such a great post for me :)) xo