From Room To Groom: In The Green

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Did you know that green is a neutral color? I didn't know that until I got into design and learned that green goes with every color and therefore is the perfect neutral. It's flattering on every skin tone and is abundant in nature. And since there are so many shades of green, you can still use (or wear) this color to express you individual tastes. 

Here are some examples of beautiful rooms and the outfits they inspire:

Sage Green:

Notice how the sage green walls accent the rich wood tones of the floor and the soft cream cabinetry of this gorgeous kitchen:
 Sage green is also a perfect accent to the creams in this soothing bedroom:
 In the same way, this sage green blouse looks fabulous with a textured cream skirt accented with a rich brown bag and gold accessories.

Verdant Green:

This outdoor space feels alive with lots of natural greenery and some pure black and white architectural elements:
In the same way, this black and white outfit is brought to life with a green jacket and earrings. Some touches of grey soften and add depth to the look:

Teal Green:

In this room the teal green accents give a modern space a fresh perspective:
 In the same way, this white suits gets a breath of fresh inspiration with a teal  blouse and some modern shaped sunglasses:
My personal take on green? I find that being in nature and being surrounded by the green colors of the natural world are very soothing. I also love to wear vibrant green, as it's extremely flattering to my skin tone. And for the perfect accent color at home? Sage green is an easy answer for many home decor dilemmas.

What's your favorite shade of green and how do you like to use it in your life?

Until next time,

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  1. You have lovely blog!
    Would you like to fallow each other? I wish to see you among my followers!
    let me know please!

  2. I truly believe that ANY color can be neutral as long as it's surrounded by similar shades and tints. My walls are painted a minty-sage and it calms me every day upon entering. You've illustrated some gorgeous spaces with some sumptuous shades, each one more elegant than the next. That glass chandy in the middle image has my heart! So gorgeously decadent, green's on the TOP of my go-to's for clients!

    Would love to get your thoughts on my most recent hotel renovation when you get a chance! Hope to see you soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. One of my favorite colors for sure... Feels so fresh!

  4. Sharon,

    Love that blouse and room at the top. I didn't now it was considered neutral! Gorgeous images!


  5. Such inspiring ideas, thanks! I don't wear a lot of green due to my complexion but I'm intrigued by those outfits you picked out. My favorite green shade is not to wear, but a tealish/seafoam/mint color, which we have in our powder room.

  6. Love the color! It looks so nice and its funny how people always think "yuch" when you say green!
    I love that skirt and you know where its from?

  7. my kitchen is green and wood like the picture above.

  8. I really like your blog ! :D
    maybe we can follow eatch other? :D

  9. Great to meet you Sharon, thx for the sweet note today on twitter! You're so pretty! Im now following you. :))

  10. it's amazing!
    wanna follow each other?yes no?

  11. I agree! Green can be very soothing for sure ;)


  12. Great post and selection of photos! I'm a huge fan of sage green and olive - great in the home and wardrobe. I've introduced it into my cream kitchen and I'm so pleased with the result.

  13. GREEN is amazing, having green colour eyes also works well with purple shadows or pinks ((:
    In the house, my son's bedroom is a lovely grassland green colour with soft blue vaulted ceiling colour combo... green goes with anything ... doesn't it? Lovely post Sharon! BTW I have sage accents on the wall paper in our powderroom, and in my nook on pillows and my dutch oven pots are sage blue green too .. . My favourite colour....for some things!
    Hugs Z

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