Look Good...Feel Better - National Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to go to the Look Good...Feel Better Event in conjunction with National Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. I was excited to meet some of the fabulous beauty editors from my favorite magazines, and I loved the idea that for a mere $30 to support the cause of helping women recovering from cancer, you got a beauty consultation with one of the editors. 
I was thrilled to meet the beautiful Trish McEvoy and her team!
I felt like I was meeting  a real celeb when I met Valerie Monroe from O Magazine!
The beauty editor of People Magazine was super friendly.
The makeovers were fun and fabulous!
And when I took a break to find a bathroom, I mistakenly took the express elevator to the 8th floor which (I'm sure some of you know) is pure shoe heaven! What a nice surprise :)
The editor of the print magazine of Style.com (THE source for all the latest runway fashion) wore head to toe, divine and refined Burberry to represent the Burberry makeup counter she was stationed at.

The simple and classic dresses in burgundy (this Fall's 'it' color), caught my eye in the Saks window. Check out the background sculpture made of brown lunch bags. Now that's what I call cheap chic.
I'll never get sick of walking in New York City.
And the best surprise of the day? I got stopped by a street style blogger, Mangue Banzima of Qui Style in Savanna, who wanted to snap my photo for his blog!
Check out his post HERE
 Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Shirt: Kiki Riki, Skirt: Zara, Under Skirt (for modesty): Linda Leal, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Bracelets: Forever 21, Target and Bitz of Glitz.

Now I'm off to a Chicago, for an end of summer road trip with my girls. I hope I get to post while I'm away, but regardless, I wish you a great week ahead!

Until next time,

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  1. what an incredible time!! you look amazing!! have fun with the girls! xo

  2. You look GORGEOUS Sharon, as good as any beauty editor you posed with ;-)

  3. Very cool - great photos, esp your street fashion shot!!

  4. I was going to go but I skipped out -- looked like a great time!

  5. You can't kid us....... that was no mistake taking the express elevator to the shoe salon. Smart girl!

  6. I lo e this event and I'm so jealous you got to go... Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous doll, the shoes!!!! I die!

    This sounds like a brilliant event and worthy cause, great stuff!

    Hope all is well with you.

  8. You look soooo beautiful, Sharon. What a treat to meet so many of the beauty bests!! Happy Monday ~

  9. beautiful look and thanks for tsharing the pics! enjoy chicago!

  10. What an exciting event! How cool to get stopped to have your picture taken. Love your top.

  11. Great post and looks like a very fun event.

  12. Wow you're looking so darn gorgeous in that FAB event Sharon....thanks for sharing!


  13. You look lovely, and it looks like you had a great time! :)


  14. Sharon, what an awesome event! I thought that was you on the cover of that magazine at first. Dead ringer for Kate! You looked amazing! I can see why he asked to take your picture. Love that top, skirt and shoes. You met some awesome people. Thanks for sharing the event pics and those fabulous designer shoes. Have a great time on your trip!

  15. Sharon, I LOVED this post ... how fun meeting with all of the beauty editors .. I can see why you felt you were meeting with celebs! They rub shoulders with them all of the time, I assume. And LOVED the street`style post on you! How cool ... and you looked so fab, like a model in your beautiful Zara skirt ... an those shoes! Perfect! Have a fun Chicago trip! xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  16. you have the pretties smile - it's so big and contagious
    Xo Megan

  17. Sharon,
    That looks like an amazing day! But what strikes me is that YOU are the most beautiful of the bunch!!!

    How fun to be stopped by a street blogger - huge compliment!! :)

    Have fun in Chicago!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. sounds like a really fun time as I do enjoy Saks cosmetic dept but it gets me in trouble!! How great a blogger wanted to photograph you! Glad to see you are doing well...I am heading to the city tomorrow for a few days of rest and some tennis too!