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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Happy Labor Day!
Do I sound excited? I am!
My love of Summer must be embedded in my brain from my childhood, because as I get older I'm learning that as a Mom, summertime is the busiest time of the year. I always start off summer with these fantasies of relaxation and vacation. But vacation doesn't really equal relaxation now, does it? 
And at the end of the summer, all the kids are home! And yes we love it...I for one try to appreciate all of those special moments we can squeeze out from spending time together (minus the pouting, whining, arguing): The spontaneous "dmc's" (deep meaningful conversations, for those of you who aren't familiar with teen-speak), the random bursts of joy over little things like getting ice cream, and the generous hugs that go around when the energy is positive.

But humans do better with routine and schedules, and that, my friends, is what I am so excited to get back to. (That's a nice version of 'I can't wait for school to start!!') So lets enjoy this end of summer holiday weekend while it lasts...

Btw, here's a great divine and refined look, perfect for traveling or for a casual holiday weekend. 
If you feel like just throwing on a comfy black maxi skirt, don't worry, you can wear it and still look super chic. Just add a great jacket and some cool accessories like Rihanna did here (minus those fugly, chunky shoes...oh my):
The world loves Friday....I love Monday.

The world loves summer vacation...I love back to school.

The world loves traveling...I love staying home.

The world is unapologetic about what they love...I feel guilty about it all!

But, today I will focus on my blessings and work on not feeling guilty about anything. What I can do will be enough!

Happy Labor Day weekend,

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  1. I so agree. We absolutely never travel over holidays and cherish our time at home with good friends and family. xx's

  2. Because we love our home so much we take a lot of home vacations. With the start of school we finally have stopped our revolving door for family memebers and things will now quiet down...heaven! Love Rihanna's look but you're right those shoes..ugh, and maybe not anything so see through. Enjoy your day!


  3. To all the Mother's who worked hard this summer keeping the kids happy, breaking up the arguments, and entertaining everyone ....... when the house is finally quiet, tuck yourself into a bubble bath and sigh deeply.

  4. Wishing you a wonderful, safe and relaxing Labor day, AND Monday :-) You should get that massage you've been postponing all summer!

    Funny about Rihanna's shoes! I agree with you, and I used to have a pair like that in college/law school (which I adored and would still wear if I could get away with it!).

    I agree with Acquired Objects' comment. Rihanna's outfit looks very see-through, even with a jacket. Looks more like a bikini cover up to me, though I know some clothing photographs more transparent than it really appears in person.

  5. I'm a lover of my home no matter how great summer is. Family time is by far the best. Hope you had a great summer darling! xoxo



  6. Your sentiments at the end made me laugh....I am a lot like you! While I do love summer, it was such a hectic one that I dont' feel so sad in saying goodbye to it, besides I LOVE fall weather.
    And staycations are a big thing right now....hence why people are working on their homes, inside and out more than ever!

  7. I'm with you...
    and all the while I thought I was the only one who sometimes prefer to stay home than take a vacation far far away.

  8. I love both home and travel, a balance of the two would be good! As for Mondays, I do love to kick-ass and work hard, but when Sat comes I'm usually relieved! No rest for the wicked!

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  9. Hi Sharon!

    I'm actually a home-body ..and love just being home. Good luck getting the kids back to school :) Even though my kids are grown, I still look forward to sort of re-editing things in the fall.

    Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!


  10. ooh her jacket is gorgeous- love the green/teal!

  11. The new header looks great! Glad you are loving it! I like routine too. By the end of the summer it's good that school comes around! xo

  12. not my favorite look, I would have changed the shoes and the bag.

  13. Sharon, I so agree! I am READY with a capital R for my boys to return to school, a routine and a better schedule at home!!!

    But, I still love Fridays! :)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  14. Love a black maxi skirt!!



  15. Well, you have to do what you love ;) And I dig the look on Rhi, but you are right...those shoes are terrible! LOL


  16. I hate traveling when everyone else is ie holiday times, sometimes it can be helped but if I can help it I avoid it (and I don't even have kids!) Regarding that look - what is up with those shoes? I see them cropping up every where, definitely not my favorite look!