Ideas I Love For Fall

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hey everyone, so the kids are back to school and I finally have some time to actually think about which trends I'm super excited about for Fall. Here's a short list of some really cool things I'm going to try! (I'm ignoring the fact that it's still hot and muggy outside!)

1. Thick black eyeliner:

2. A Strong Colored Bag

3. Something in Burgundy Leather
4. Peep Toe Booties
Click on each shoe to shop!
I just treated myself to these beauties:
And finally, sometimes it's just the little things in life that really are the best:
5. Salted Caramel Mochas!
Tall, skim, no whip: 220 calories
Grande, whole milk, with whip: 450 calories

Is there anything you're excited about trying this Fall?

And for all my Long Island friends, don't miss this fabulous fashion event:
It's a blowout sale of your favorite designer brands!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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  1. All great trends to try! I'm so looking forward to fall fashion ~ and cooler temps! XO

  2. Oh, cute new booties - so much fun!

  3. loving the burgandy leather trend! and am on the hunt for a pair of peeptoe booties! xo

  4. Love them all for Fall,
    and I can't leave without some hot coffee, choco or mocha.
    The booties look fab!

  5. I love colored bags!! And I'm definitely going to try the thick eyeliner. :)

  6. All these exciting trends have me looking forward to fall. I need a strong colored bag!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Hello Sharon!
    Life is fantastic when we can enjoy the fall fashions I say!
    Love the eyeliner trend and black pencil by urban decay, have been doing now all summer as my new trademark look(:
    Great pick on the colours and burgundy leather ... Leather rocks! Going to see Roxette concert on Sunday ... Already fixing my 80's hot look for that(: any ideas? ((:
    Hugs z
    Ps hope you are well!

  8. I enjoy the rich colors and textures that come with Fall. The bags and booties are so pretty and eye liner adds some drama to the look!

  9. I would love to have something in burgundy....maybe a bag or shoes! Yes, we all need to give ourselves a treat this Fall!!


  10. Hi Sharon! New follower here. the eyeliner, but I don't think its for me. I am however going to try cat eyes! What trend will I try?! I am not afraid of color so I think a bag would be fun. And I WILL be wearing open tied booties this fall.

    Come visit me at

  11. It's funny - I've actually been practicing doing that Thick black eyeliner look! I've always loved it, now I'm just trying to learn to do it nicely!

  12. Great seasons are headed our way! LOVE the eyeliner (wore it over the weekend to a function) and the booties are right up my alley. I hope the ladylike collars stay a while...