Loving Leather...Divine and Refined Ways to Wear It

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

One of the hottest trends this season is leather. Sure leather has had an edgy "rocker chic" stigma attached to it, but it also has a luxury quality that can feel rich and supple. You can add a little leather to your wardrobe and still remain refined and super stylish. To easily tone down the edginess of a leather top or skirt wear it with a contrasting light or brightly colored piece. Or try leather in a buttery soft hue for a more ladylike take on the trend. And you can even do all black when small touches of leather are coordinated with softer fabrics and shapes. 

Check out the inspiring examples below and then shop right here for some of your own awesome leather pieces that I've compiled for you:

Click on the arrows to scroll and on each item to shop:

How do your feel about wearing leather? How would you wear it?
Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Gorgeous inspiration! I am loving leather this season :)

  2. Love leather and the luxe feel. Have always had a few leather jackets in different styles that i've re-worn over the decade... It's such a versatile fabric, i'd love a dress a la VB though!

  3. You have me craving a buttery soft leather something.....funny saw the cutest peplum jacket the other day in butterscotch leather and cannot get it out of my mind! These looks are all sooo gorgeous.

  4. I used to own leather pants and they were hot so now I go for jackets. You've shown a stunning short jacket above that would go with everything!


  5. I'm so obsessed with leather! On the top of my list right now: leather shirt and leather jacket!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  6. I am loving all of the styles that are coming out in leather. I really want a leather skirt for Fall. Beautiful pics! Such inspiration!

  7. I am smitten with leather and these pics just make me want to go shopping! Sigh...XX

  8. I am loving all of them



  9. I plan to buy a soft skin short jacket in a fun colour, and now that I saw the blazer from Mango I want one of those too!!

  10. I do love leather in the traditional colors; black, tan etc. Still never bought one of the more unusual colors yet.
    Living in Spain I had my pick of great quality, butter-soft leather ;-)

  11. To quote Billy Idol {hoping I'm not dating myself too much!} "everyone looks good in leather". And I agree!
    Love that blazer.

  12. Love it all!

  13. seems like leather is in for the season although pretty classic. being italian, I am always warm so leather jackets are not an option for me! lovely post and hope u have a FAB night!!

  14. Love it too, Great images you selected!
    Thanks For the comment!

  15. Leather is so nice to wear at fall/winter time. I have a thing for leather gloves :) I got my tights at a place called Boots. They have a website for America as well. The designer was Jonathan Astin, I believe that made them. This is your Boots site:


    Have a wonderful weekend doll xx