On Decorating My Sukkah: Part II -The Final Results

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Well, we're almost halfway through the holiday of Sukkos, and if you've been following my blog, you would have seen the Part I post about the inspiration for decorating my Sukkah this year. I have been hearing from lots of people that they are waiting to see the results (of which some of the pictures I posted on Facebook this past Sunday). But my pictures don't do justice to the gorgeous photography of my daughter Sara, who's new photography business, Sarielle Photography (like her page!!) took off with fabulous success because of her fun loving on-the-job persona, plus her amazingly colorful photo editing skills (like I said...check out her page to see what I'm talking about).

Anyhow...drum roll please...here are the final results of the Fall 2012 Langert Sukkah:

As noted in my previous inspirational post, I wanted to do a watery aqua colored theme, so with $6 sheer curtains from a discount curtain store, I hot glued the curtains to the wall of the fiberglass Sukkah. 

Then I wired a large branch (found in the neighboring woods) to the ceiling beams and hung wired votives and plastic crystals (cut from crystal curtains from the same inexpensive curtains shop). I wired a mini chandelier (usually hanging in my sun room) through the center of the branch. (Yes it rained and no there were no electrical problems!)

 If you follow me on instagram you would have seen the large bucket load of blue hydrangeas and green roses I purchased for my Sukkah. (This was probably the most expensive part.)
Using floral vials I trimmed the flowers, placing the stems in the vials and then created floral clusters using wire to first bind them together, and then hang from the branches and the ceiling beams.

I saved some flowers for the centerpiece, which was made with a cluster of glass candlesticks purchased at Home Goods several years ago and Snapellagrino lemonade and orangina bottles arranged on a mat of leftover mosaic glass tiles from my kids' renovated bathroom.
 On a side wall I hung a spray painted foam wall vase filled with more of the flowers, and created a vignette using my Shabbos candelabra, some French blue vases from Home Goods, filled with spray painted branches.
 My silver mirror (from my bedroom) was hung as a focal point...note Sara taking the photo in the mirror!
 The results were quite elegant and breathtaking....
 ...not to mention super soothing.

 Me and Sara and the super serene background.

 The floral vials with water help to keep the flowers alive throughout the week.
 Here's my happily setting my table for the holiday...

The family, ready for a fun and fabulous holiday!!

It always takes a lot of work to create a stunning Sukkah-scape, but it's also always worth it when we're all sitting together, sharing in the quality family and holiday time. As I mentioned to my family, as we sat together in the Sukkah this past Sunday evening, "When else would we all gather together for an outdoor soiree...all family members present...with no cell phones, sharing only in good food and happy spirits? I doubt often...if ever!

Enjoy the rest of your Sukkos holiday, and your week!
Until next time...

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  1. Wow!!! Your sukkah looks magnificent!!! I love every little detail!! You're a true inspiration!!!

  2. That looks so beautiful, you did a marvellous job! All the blue is amazing, I love blue. It's peaceful and very inviting. All of you look wonderful as well :) xx

  3. Darling, this is just so lovely, but I especially enjoyed seeing all the family. Precious daughter is going to be quite successful I think. xx's

  4. It looks beyond amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great job:-)))*And you looks SO wonderful,dear!


  5. Shame we are in London and couldn't pop in to admire! Kol Hakavod, you really took Hiddur Mitzvah to a new level. Enjoy the rest of Yomtov......I do hope your family appreciate you and all you do!

  6. Muito delicado
    achei tudo lindo

  7. It looks amazing!! So serene and elegant! xo

  8. Happy holiday Sharon :)

    Such a beautiful space filled with gorgeous color. You family and friend photos are wonderful!!


  9. Wow the decor looks spectacular. All great holidays bring families together. Enjoy the rest of yours Sharon!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. Wow, your sukkah really looks great! Good job! :)
    Hag Sameach! Xoxo Sarah

  11. WOW, this is so marvelous, Shannon, you and your Sara look so very happy and beautiful, and what you did, is increadible, the blue is dreamy and romantic, is all looks stunning! What a lovely big family you have!
    Hugs Z

  12. Splendid decor Sharon...
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Sukkah!
    You look Fabulous

  13. your hard work turned out gorgeous! your daughter is super talented. enjoy the last bit of Sukkos!!

  14. Wow girl! You really know how to decorate a table and create beautiful ambiance...you should be doing weddings..you have an incredible eye!!!

  15. Wow!Gorgeous Succah and pics..love the color and accessories...thanks for sharing...Good Yom Tov!

  16. your family is beautiful! you did an exquisite job. i love the lighting and it looks like diamonds coming down. so pretty!

  17. Sharon you Sukkah is so beautiful it is hard to even describe with words...ethereal, mesmerizing! Your family is wonderful!

    Art by Karena

  18. This is gorgeous, and I am so inspired by it!!!!


  19. What a magical spot to celebrate and be together. This is something your children will always remember - the beautiful celebrations you made, and that is worth every ounce of effort.

    Enjoy your time together.

  20. what a gorgeous post! just fabulous
    so glad you had a great holiday!!

  21. whimsical and simply amazing!!!!

  22. Gorgeous family in a gorgeous sukkah! Thanks for sharing and inspiring as always!!

  23. Sharon, this is truly gorgeous. It was worth the wait to see the final results. Love it!

  24. Thanks For the comment dear, hope you will enter the competition!
    Lovely pics here ;)

  25. What beautiful attention to detail...and your family - gorgeous!!

  26. What a wonderful job you've done putting this together. It definitely looks elegant but not over done, and very welcoming :)

  27. Wow!! What peaceful beauty! And your family is beautiful as well! XO