Lakewood For the Victims of Sandy Event and Pret-A Partee

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here's the message: When you think about doing something good, don't be afraid to run with it and make it happen. Despite my fears that I wouldn't be able to pull off a profitable event in 5 days with no budget, our LAKEWOOD FOR THE VICTIMS OF SANDY event surpassed all expectations, raising approx $4,000 and inspiring at least two other (that I know of) similar events across the globe. 

Every person, positive action, effort and dollar counts. Never ever think that you or your ideas are unimportant. What is the worst you have to fear? A little discouragement? A little hard work? Go outside your comfort zone, dream big, and take action on your positive ideas! 

Now of course, for me it was easy. All I had to do was call two of my powerhouse friends, Frumi Malchi and Chavi Chase of Pret-a Partee, and the party was all but taken care of. Frumi is a true chesed lady who constantly opens up her gorgeous home for all types of fundraisers and events. And she's one of the sweetest most giving people that I know. And I especially want to give a special shout out to Chavi Chase of Pret-a Partee, a super mom, party planner and chesed lady par excellent. She is famous for her CRAZY amount of energy and love of life and is constantly running to do the next good thing for anyone at anytime. 

Me and Chavi in front of the gorgeous buffet:
Stunning decor by Chavi of Pret-a Partee:

 All the food was donated by amazing friends like Frumi Malchi, Sarah Lasry of the Patchke Princess, Rivky Kizelnik and Bluma Woolf; and local businesses like Cup of Cake, The Reserve, and Barnetts Fine Biscotti, who were all eager to participate:
Me and the fabulous Chaya Forscheimer of Bitz of Glitz fame:
All natural makeup was sampled and sold for the cause by makeup artist Meira Joselet:
Our friend Yehudis Gelb eyeing the Sonia Rykiel iPad case she won at the package party:
 Me with a huge grin..'cause nothing feels as good as doing good!
 Now if you live in Central Jersey and are looking for a super talented, quick, fun and reasonably priced party planner, you must check out Pret-a-Partee! Go ahead and friend request Chavi HERE on Facebook. Here are some of my favorites by Pret-a-Partee:
 So now you know who to call for your next party!

And always remember, kindness never goes out of fashion.

Until next time,

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  2. Great idea and a great success going by your lovely photos! You look happy and beautiful. xo

  3. Tizku L'Mitzvot! Looked lovely :)

  4. What a great cause and you did a beautiful job! Everything looked wonderful.


  5. Wow! What a fabulous event!! Congratulations to you and everyone else who helped on a job incredibly well done! And thanks so much for visiting my blog; I'm thrilled to have found yours as well. You had me at the tag line "chic, glamorous and refined" :-)

  6. Such a wonderful cause Sharon.. and you look stunning!


  7. What a great event and the pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing doll and of course you're looking stunning.

    PS. Following you now.

    <3 Marina

  8. A grand idea and it came out so beautifully as well!! I agree, kindness never does go out of fashion!! Beautiful xx

  9. Aww, Sharon, what an awesome event! I can't believe you pulled that off in FIVE days. Amazing! You look so beautiful, too. Congratulations.

  10. What a wonderful fundraiser and you women look so sharp!! Happy to find your blog, and you could look like you could be related to Sophia Vergara, !
    xo Karolyn
    The Relished Roost

  11. Oh Sharon! I am so happy to hear your event was a complete success. You are so kind hearted and a real inspiration. Wishing you lots of love.

  12. What a great success! It is amazing what kindness and hard work can do!!!