Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As you all know, my blog is not just about the next outfit to wear, but also about the hows and whys a woman should take care of herself and be at her best.  And for all the women and moms who are overflowing with creativity and a passion for living, inspiration from other women who pursue their dreams through hard work, persistence and the right balance can help them to achieve their dreams as well.

One such woman is my blogger friend Mimi Hecht, author of LadyMama. I first met Mimi when she introduced herself to me after we were both featured in an article about mom bloggers in a local paper. Right away I loved her generosity of spirit and her passion for living a colorful yet refined life (as is obvious in her designs). At the time I never knew that she, along with her creative and fashionable sister-in-law Mushky, would become fashion designers (although we did do some fun fashion posts together last winter. See HERE and HERE).

MImi and MUshky (Mi Mu..get it?) always felt it was hard to find skirts in the right style, and at the right price and one day just looked at each other and said, “Let’s just make our own darn skirts.” They launched MiMu MAXI, a line of cool maxi skirts for the fashion forward woman who also loves to dress modestly.

I'm crazy about the urban and artsy attitude that this collection, and the designers themselves evoke. Take a look at some of the fresh styles below:
 The COIN - A richly patterned knee length skirt with a vintage-y feel.

 The CORAL - The color says it all!

 The KAT - Raaawr...pure animal excitement in a skirt.

And here's the BLOKK skirt that I received...a fun color blocked stretchy maxi.
Although the colors of this best selling skirt are oh so summery, here are some ways I styled this skirt for the winter: Paired with a blue sweater and scarf and balanced with a neutral belt or a black tunic and a cropped neutral jacket, this skirt can carry you through all four seasons!

 The NERD (I actually laughed out loud when I read the description of this one...not too long, not too short...what will the cool kids say?) LOVE the color!

And the BLACK STRETCH...MiMu's original skirt leggings!

You always know with MiMu Maxi you're going to get exactly what Mimi and Mushky themselves would want in the perfect skirt. Being a grassroots company, they even model their own styles as seen below, and sell through their Facebook page, where they are in constant conversation with their customers in order to stay on the pulse of what each one is looking for.

The creativity begins here...

...and continues until everyone is happy with her final product. Here's Mimi herself sketching...
...love the nails ;)

And the underlying message and mission in all of this?  In Mimi and Mushky's own words:

"We can cover up and still feel stylish and, more importantly, expressed."

"Jewish modesty guidelines have reasonable boundaries that still allow so much room for fashion and self-expression."

"We look at each of our sketches and ask ourselves if this skirt could be featured in Vogue. Would a non-Jewish girl living in SoHO wear it?"

"...no matter how much we grow, we are committed to involving women and listening to their take on what will make them feel stylish and beautiful! "

I love it!

So go ahead and shop on the MiMu Maxi Facebook page...you can order the skirts directly from there

And remember, if you have a passion or dream, believe that you can do it. All you have to do is take the first step...

Lots of love,

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  1. Great post :) I like her designs :)

  2. This is great, I love her work! And i think it's great to support small business and especially those by women!! It's actually why I'm working on another blog, for women really!! Loved this post :)) Have a wonderful Friday and weekend doll xx

  3. I love maxi's this time of the year so I'm off to check out her site.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. How lovely! I think the leopard one has to be my favorite! Thanks so much for your kind comment the other day, it is much appreciated!! XO

  5. i dont know if u will allow this post thru, but Sharon>>>>
    dont u think "legging skirt" is the antithesis to jewish modesty?

    im actually disappointed.

    your faithful follower

  6. Love the artistic integrity and modest looks!

  7. These look comfy and stylish! Thanks for sharing;)


  8. Thanks for this tip, will check it out! Love Caroline

  9. Hello there beautiful!

    I am SO LATE in visiting blogs today; I am happily swamped with orders flowing in that I could not even blog this morning. It is so great to see this young entrepreneur and many like her (me included) launch off ideas and get out there. Thanks to you and many other dear friends, we can get our wares publicized. Thank you for coming to visit today; I wish you a fabulous month of FUN and family my dear! Anita

  10. Very cool. I love that 'coin' purse the most. Very unique pattern and great color.

  11. I love the skirt you're wearing! I'd love to order some skirts but I'm not sure if they ship to Belgium

  12. I think everyone gets that blogger's writers-block lol XD hopefully you'll get your mojo returning and see some more excellent content from you :D really like those photobooth images, looks so much fun! xx