Oh Sandy...You Hurt Us So Bad

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As a quick break from my regularly scheduled posts, I'd just like to share two photos that I took yesterday that pretty much capture what Sandy has done to regular people, like you and me. So many of us are truly lucky. We're tucked away in our warm and brightly lit homes, power restored, with all of our cherished belongings right beside us. Here in Central Jersey we don't even have to wait to get gas anymore.

But yesterday I traveled to Brooklyn and Long Island to drop off some clothing for some of the victims and spend some time with a friend who lives in a storm ravaged area of  Long Island. This usually peaceful and upscale neighborhood and its people are devastated by Sandy, and what I saw just broke my heart. There were streets and streets full of people's homes that were completely unlivable because the waters from the bay and backed up sewers surged into their basements and first floors and left destruction in its wake. Imagine this was your home.

Also unnerving was the fact that every gas station I passed was closed except for one, and the line of cars waiting to get gas went on for blocks. When you hear that people have to wait hours to get gas, they are not exaggerating. I saw this with my own eyes. Entire neighborhoods are still without power and people are freezing. And the ones with power are hosting 2 or 3 other families.

People are suffering, and yet a spirit of hope still prevails. More than once did I hear, "I am grateful that my family is safe, I can't complain."

During my long drive home I decided that I can't just sit back and do nothing. So I made a few phone calls and within a couple of hours a few friends and I put together this event!

Monday evening, November 12 at 8 pm
at the home of Frumi Malchi
606 South Lake Drive
Lakewood, NJ

(click HERE for more details and to RSVP)

If you live in New Jersey or feel like traveling from New York (we have plenty of gas here!), please come to our event. All you have to do is bring a wrapped package valued at $10-$30 and join in for a fun evening for a great cause. We will also be collecting school supplies and toys for displaced schools, so whatever you can bring or send will be a great help!

If you cannot make it, you can still help out by making a donation below. Or email me at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com if you want to sponsor a prize or food for the event, send a check, or help out in any other way. All the money collected will be given to a reliable organization (I'm still working on the details and will announce the organization shortly) with people working day and night to take care of the victims and their needs in an organized way.

Whatever you can give can make all the difference!

Until next time...

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  1. Oh Sharon, you have a heart of gold - what a beautiful way to help, and I am so sorry for those who are suffering. We have given to the Red Cross, hoping it will do a little to help those in need...

  2. Sharon...first thanks for your kind words and concern. Happy you are OK and you are such an incredibly good person (discovered that months ago when you made your kidney donation)!! Through these disasters we discover whats really important...family, friends and our health. We have a roof over our head and food to eat, so we consider ourselves to be the lucky ones! I am sad that so many are not so fortunate and to think we are going through another storm is just surreal. Take good care!

  3. Good for you Sharon for taking action! Storms don't care what economic background you come from. Each one of us is susceptible at any time from natural disasters.

  4. Sharon you are wonderful! I cannot imagine all of the pain and heartache, and then to be cold, hungry, and thirsty. Bravo!

    My heart goes out to all who those suffering.

    2012 Artists Series

  5. The devastation that some people have suffered from Sandy has been just heartbreaking. I hope your event will be a rousing success! Good for you. We made a donation to the Red Cross through my husband's company since they're doing a 100% match. I hope people realize that any little bit helps.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. What a great idea Sharon and these people need so much help. It is so heartbreaking to hear them on the news. I cannot imagine what they are going thru but we can all be their angels and help them now.



  7. Such a devastating event and one that really makes us realize what is important in life. You are so kind .. good for you Shsron!

  8. You have the beautiful mind one admires...Sharon!
    Thank you for making it easy for us to help them.
    xo Z

  9. Sharon, my fatherinlaws home in Belle Harbor has been destroyed, my friends and family in the 5 Towns still are powerless and my brother in West Hempstead has a tree that fell through his roof and is in his family room. i have been blogging the past few days about it and the response from all over the world is incredible. It is so important that we all help right now. I would love to come from Toronto to your event on Monday it sounds amazing, I just may have to get in the car after shabbos. Simone www.sosayssimone.wordpress.com

  10. You’re a good person Sharon and I’ve just made my donation. We’ve had friends up here all week from NYC since they can’t go home yet in lower Manhattan due to water. While we were out of electricity for a week we weren’t hit nearly as hard as NY and NJ. My husband works in NYC and hasn’t been able to go back just yet but thankfully he can work from home. A lot of the businesses are closed for up to nine months from the damage and some of these guys are driving up to six hours one way to get to other offices for work and with gas rationing that’s a problem for some of them. With winter coming on and people having nothing left I hope everyone donates.


  11. SO glad you are ok but we have so much work to do to help victims!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me about you. are you a mom of 5 kids? that must be a pretty fun home!!
    Lots of love,
    Andrea ( www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com

  12. Isn't it just heartbreaking everwhere you look? My aunt has a shop (forgive HAD) in Bayhead..everything was ruined..she literally has no business...stories like these everywhere you turn...What an amazing idea to host a small event...I am planning one with my aunt as well...small efforts can mean big change..at least I keep telling myself that.
    Still without power over here..but safe at my parents in Point. Glad to hear you still have power. C

  13. You are an amazing lady... Good luck with the event!!! Hope you did we'll with the cold storm!!!

  14. Thank you for sharing. I think it is easy for people to forget how much devastation that is still going on! We have friends and family out htere and they say it is still really crazy. I am glad that you and your family are OK and good luck at your event!

  15. My heart goes out to the victims of Sandy. So sad, but it is wonderful that people like you and others are actively helping them through this. Thanks for the info -particularly on how to donate for those of us who aren't nearby. ..exactly what I was looking for...

  16. Sharon- I applaud you for doing what you can to support the victims!
    I love seeing people come together for this. Fantastic initiative on your part!

  17. It's truly horrific what families have been going through. You have the world's biggest heart and I love that you decided to host a fundraiser. Bravo! xoxo

  18. Hi dear, you are so kind and thoughtful to get involved and be a part of the recuperation process. its people like you that restore my faith in humanity!

  19. Wow, amazing photos. My thoughts and prayers go to you and everyone that was effected.

  20. sharon, i think its so amazing that you put together this event! i wish you loads of hatzlacha!!