Wedding Wednesday: The Great Cover-Up

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Brrrr it's cold outside, and as we all know, stylish outerwear is a huge part of looking great during the winter months. But what should we do when we're all dressed up and we don't exactly want to cover up all of our fashion fabulousness? Well there are some easy solutions that can add more glamour to our ensembles rather than less. 

Here are some gorgeous examples of fur capelets, feather stoles, dinner jackets, and even a dramatic cape. Which look would you wear?

And what if you don't have anything glamorous to throw over your gorgeous gown? No worries! With confidence and the right attitude even your standard jacket can be elevated...

Until next time,

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  1. I have always been drain to feathers...but all examples are so sexy and chic

  2. Love Sarah's look, cool and weird :-)

  3. Not sure who I think I am, or where i think I am going...but that floor length LWren cape has my name all over it! SO GLAM!!!
    Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

  4. I had to do a double take - I thought that was you in the RCFA image at the top.
    Love the divine look of the day too!

  5. So glam! Love the first look :)

  6. Loving the feather pieces, although I do admit, when it's freezing outside I definitely go for what's warmest!

  7. I'm all about lana's look and tweed jackets <3

  8. I want the kind of life where I can dress in any of those looks! Wow, so glam.

  9. Fur stoles are so Va-voom Old Hollywood and those fur shrugs are so adorable! Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones Sharon. XOXO

  10. Hi Sharon!

    I'b be the jacket girl.. I am kinda boring that way :)

    I WISH I had more time to work on my blog. I worked a very long day.. and I'm hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Lol! Fortunately it's just my family and I will get help.

    I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and get some quality time in with your beautiful family.

    Happy Thanksgiving Sharon :)


  11. They are all so gorgeous but the first one is my absolute favorite!

  12. Oh dear, what gorgeousness I am missing out here! I MUST PUT YOU ON MY BLOG ROLL and why didn't I do that before!

    Dear and beautiful one, you have gorgeous women in your family then! If you MIL looked like Sally Kellerman, well, YOWSA, you women in the family are just a treasure of elegance. We loved her in all her movies, but as LORRAINE NAVAZZIO in Last of the Red Hot Lovers, NO ONE ELSE could play the role but her. You sure look like her!

    These capes and coats are just fab. ENJOY your Thanksgiving! Anita