Pesach Is Coming...What Will We Eat? Salads!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm not a food blogger. But when it comes to Jewish holidays it's all about the food. Come on, you all know what I'm talking about. Sure we like have to shop for new clothes for ourselves and our kids, and there's lots of other prep going on when it comes to Passover. The cleaning seems to overwhelm people a lot (hint: get yourself good cleaning help), but it's the food preparation that really makes us nuts. 

Here are some things you may hear from otherwise perfectly sane and put-together women in the weeks before Pesach: 

   "I just finished making my 10th chocolate mousse..I'm offering a dessert menu with different choices at every meal." 

   "I just finished my 10th trip to the grocery store, every time I start  a new recipe I realize I forgot something."

   "Last night I was up until 2 am cooking. My freezer is loaded with 10 different kinds of kugels."

   "I've been cooking and baking in my Pesach kitchen for 10 weeks already."


How about 10 ideas to get out of that cramped Pesach kitchen and simplify your life??

Let me tell you how I do Passover. I don't have (or want) a Pesach kitchen. I start cooking for Pesach a couple of days before. I also like to cook my side dishes and prepare my salads fresh before each meal. This breaks down all that planning and anxiety into little manageable packages. There's a list of things to do in advance and a list of things to do before each meal. The food is simple, fresh and delicious; and I haven't extended my stress for weeks and weeks. And desserts? What's wrong with fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate, sorbet, ice cream and one bowl brownies? They're the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

The one thing I like to get creative with on Passover is my salads. With an endless variety of wonderful fruits and veggies that we can eat, there's no reason not to include lots of healthy salad to your Pesach meals. So I decided to dedicate this post to salads. 

Here are 10 beautiful salads, all in one place and all at your fingertips. Click on each title for the original recipe. 

Note: Recipes may need to be slightly modified for Passover, kashrus and non-dairy use.

Here's to an easy and stress-free week of pre-Passover preparations!



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  1. Yum! Sharon those salads look amazing! Love peaches and thanks for reminding me that I can use them in a delicious salad. God bless you and your family during Passover... XOXO

  2. With the warmer months coming we eat a lot of salads so your ideas will be perfect for us. You certainly have learned how to keep your holiday stress level manageable, Happy Passover Sharon.



    Food, feasting, friends? To me, Passover, Easter or any other celebration of LIFE calls for celebration. And the why not put all your energies into it, because a meal made with love is a memory that lasts a lifetime. I will never forget many of our Easter, Christmas or wedding feasts because the FAMILY was together, cooking, joking, eating and even quarreling in the kitchen. Come dinner time, we savored every bite. ENJOY MY FRIEND! Anita

  4. My mom worked with many jewish folks so she always got wonderful recipes from them that we still make today. Such a great array of tasty items
    Hope you have a FAB holiday!!

    NYC Style and a little Cannoli

  5. I'm with you, Sharon, I love to entertain but I don't like the stress that often goes along with it so I try to make it a fun and memorable experience for all with as little stress as possible, and I think that makes everyone more comfortable too if they don't feel the hostess is exhausted ;). You have a great idea with salads! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  6. Oh,Sharon...:-)*
    I like all kinds of a salad,really!
    Especially with spinach and fruit.
    Happy Passover,I hope you can get not only a very busy time but also very enjoyable time:-)))*

    I want to try some recipes.

    Hugs to you,

  7. Good heavens, I am getting super hungry scrolling down here! I am making a spinach, chicken, walnut and chopped apple salad in a few minutes!

    Thank you sweet Sharon for coming by today! YOU would look wonderful in that yellow bowed coat! Oh how fun fashion is! Happy celebrations! Anita

  8. I first read peach is coming! hahahah didn't make anysense with the whole post.
    I'm not catholic or jew so i can eat anything i want all year long :D

  9. Oh, all of those salads look delicious. With all of the other yummy and fattening things we can get into trouble with during holiday or celebrations, these are sensible choices.

  10. Hi Sharon
    Excellent post and so true!!! That's why I love your blog because no matter where you live, here in Argentina, in Mexico or in NY we balebustes go through the exact same things when it comes to Iom Tob. I talk to my friends and have the same conversation you have just described. The most important thing is to enjoy the holiday to have a great Seder no matter how much you cook
    kisses from BA

  11. drooling! I need more food in my life - Xo Megan,

  12. A lot of nice ideas for salads!
    I wanna try them all!

  13. I need to go and eat now...all of those look amazing!! Many blessings to you & family during Passover!! xox

  14. Oh, they look so delicious - my "go to" meal in spring!!

  15. hey! so lovely)
    would you like to follow each other?
    flw me and tell about this! Be sure I’ll flw back)

  16. You are making me hungry for salads! I love them all i think...craving the papaya one...I will be trying them all I promise (:
    I don't know much about jewish holidays I admit but I love them already.
    You are surely great cook Sharon!
    xox Z

  17. great blog! of course I am staying and I am observing your blog! I am greeting and I am inviting to myself

  18. This all seems too healthy for my liking, LOL! But thanks for posting :)


  19. Ooh! These look yummy! So going to try!

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

    (See my video tutorial on graphic stripes!)

  20. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon