Tuesday Shoe Day: The Best (and most interesting) Shoes From The Fall 2013 Runways

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday! I saw these shoe roundups on Fashionista.com (I love that site) and decided they would make a really fun post for today.  Runway shows are not only about the clothes that will be in style next season, but also about the hair and makeup trends, and of course,  the shoes! Which shoe styles will be hitting the stores this coming Fall? Take a look...

All photo collages are from www.fashionista.com

Here's my roundup of these shoes:

Most fabulous: D&G and Prada
Most wearable: Marc Jacobs
Most innovative: Dior
Most ladylike: Roberto Cavalli
Most retro: Marc Jacobs (40's) and Gucci (70's)
Most fashion forward: Fendi
Best boots: Chanel
My favorite: The red and gold Pradas
The ones I'd most likely wear in real life: Louis Vuitton

What are your favorites? Which ones would you most likely to wear?

Happy Tuesday Shoe Day!!



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  1. Hi Sharon my name is Linda and I've following you for 1 year now. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I enjoy reading you and most of the time I feel identified with your stories. Pesach casher Vesameach!!!

  2. Fun post Sharon! :) Mmmm....I'd love to wear the over the knee Channel boots w/rivets & chains. But not going to happen. Too short! Lol! LOVE those D&G shoes. I mean...I LOVE them. Gorgeous.But I think the retro Marc Jacob's shoes are what I would buy. :)


  3. What a fabulous roundup! I'd most like wear the Gucci shoes.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Funny, my post today was shoes too! We are just too obsessed but in a Good way of course! Hope your day was good, Congrats on the new grandchild.
    You are too young to be a grandma in my opinion!

    NYC Style and a little Cannoli

  5. I thought you said the most wearable were the D&G Lol! Goodness! I've never seen anything like that. I like the Chanel and the Marc J. .. also the Gucci. Fun selection Sharon!


  6. Chanel and Cavalli get my vote. I like classic styles, thin post high heels, shoes with skinny straps, and boots that can be worn with a skirt or jeans tucked in.

  7. WOW! It is interesting how fashion makes its rounds, literally. In high school (73-76), I wore platforms as such! They have come back around, but this time, I won't wear them, but I do still love 'em! Great montage of FUN FASHION My dear ! Anita

  8. Wooooow.............Such avery good research,Sharon!:-)))*

    My mostly favourites are:Prada,Mrac Jacobs and Cavalli and also great Louis Vuitton!!!

    Thank you so much for your post,

    Wish you fantatstic week,


  9. Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs ones are stunning!
    Great post!


  10. I would definitely wear the tan Marc Jacobs and the black Cavalli :-)
    Hope you are well Sweets xx

  11. So many pretties! Particularly loving the Marc Jacobs shoes, classic but fun and always love Gucci too.

    I love shoes, but have to say I can only wear them for a few hours at a mind, comfort is key in my 40's :)

  12. Personally, I like the Roberto Cavalli most...and think these are the most wearable.

    My husband would vote for the purple Gucci boots. Why does he get a vote? Good question - I guess because he probably knows more about accessories than most men from buying me things!!

  13. I probably would wear all of these, shameless I know Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  14. Nice shoe recap for Fall! I loved all of Gucci's shoes and admired the ornate D&G collection of shoes. xoxo



  15. Hi Sharon, wow, great post, what girl would not wanna talk about shoes? (:
    I am chanel, fendi, gucci girl....

    But give me any and I will probably (surely) wear them and find an outfit to go with them...that i can do....

    xo Z

  16. Sharon,
    So funny...as I looked through the shoes I kept asking myself which one I would buy. It was definitely LV for me. Then, I saw your answers....loved that you though the same!

    Ready to kick up my heels for the weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  17. Hi Sharon!!!!
    SO many of these shoes are amazing but those Chanel boots are my favorite!!!! SOOOO fabulous!!!!!

  18. The gold and red prada shoe is beyond amazing!! Such a great selection.

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