Wedding Wednesday: Simply White

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If you think that white is only for the bride then think again. The simple white dress has been so popular of late, it has become a top celebrity and runway favorite. Of course, in today's climate of fashion freedom, you can wear white any time you'd like, even throughout the winter. But for those of you who are bit more fashion cautious, with Memorial Day right around the bend, now is the time to safely wear a full white ensemble with no worries about feeling seasonally inappropriate. 

Styling tip: Add a pop of color to an all white ensemble by accessorizing with a bold handbag or a swipe of red lipstick. Or add a dramatic statement belt or necklace to create a fresh look for a dress you've already worn.

Have a great day!



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  1. This so makes me want to throw on a crisp white dress!

  2. Hi Sharon! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, travels and my dad now visiting Calgary has kept me out of touch a bit as perhaps I am not as good a multitasker as I wish(:

    Love the white post and even thinking that it is appropriate to wear to somebody's wedding as I wished womend dressed in white for mine! The photos would have been stunning! Maybe to forward a style on my part but very lovely I think((:

    Hope you are keeping well! Hugs z

  3. The little white dress - just as special as the LBD. Great selections.

  4. What a varied selection of dresses and such a change from black. I especially like Catherine Middleton's simple style.

  5. Such beautiful fabrics and styles, and fabulous ideas with accessories. I think I might have to go digging in the back of the wardrobe now as I am sure I have some gorgeous whites hiding back there. The perfect excuse for some accessories to be purchased!

  6. In all honesty aside from my wedding I don't think I've ever worn all white but a few of these dresses make me want to.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  7. We just posted about white dresses too, what a perfect item for summer!!
    absolutely love your blog!

  8. If only the kiddos didn't ruin everything white. I love the look, but it is so hard to mainatin.

  9. I love crisp white - if only I could wear it as well as these stunning women! Love the fashion that you share.