Summer Hair Trends - Braids and Flowers

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Summer! This past week I stopped into Freeda Wigs to chat  about the complex world of hair, wigs and styling. Freeda has been in the wig business for almost 50 years, and hair and wigs is in their blood. I learned that sometimes when a wig looks sleek out of the box, it doesn't necessarily mean that the hair is top quality. Many wig companies will use less expensive hair and coat it with silicone to give it a shiny appearance. But once its washed and set several times, its true colors shine - or in some cases - don't shine through. These wigs may look great for a while, but ultimately they don't last long.

Freeda Wigs prides itself on using virgin unprocessed hair that's 100% natural. Natural hair can be textured and may not always appear shiny or sleek, just like real hair, but it will perform and move beautifully, can be styled in any fashion, and will last for years and years. But the best part about Freeda Wigs is that they stand behind their product and will never give you a hard time about fixing an old wig or helping you make a new one look beautiful.

For more information or to schedule a wig styling consultation visit 
or call 718-771-2000.

Now let's talk about some summer hair trends I'm crazy about...braids and flowers!

The endless methods for incorporating braids into your hair will give you lots of summer style versatility. Get creative and come up with your own look!
For summer, there's nothing as beautiful as adding fresh flowers to your hair!
Combining both trends, braids and flowers, can work beautifully for a casual romantic look...
...or a formal look that's perfect for a special summer occasion.

Until next time,



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  1. My Daughter has a saying posted on her pinterest that is befitting of the summer braids and messy buns - 'Yes, my bun is messy. But it took me an hour to get it this way'.
    So cute and so true.

  2. Hi Sharon! Love these beautiful pictures! :) You & I always seem to think alike. I just posted how to do beach waves on my blog. Hope you'll take a peek. Much affection!!!

  3. Sharon,dear....:)*

    What a beautiful isnpirations with hair styles!!!

    SOooooo romantic,elegant and stylish,just wonderful!
    Thank you so much for share all these hair design looks:)*

    Sending my warm wishes to you,

  4. Great post. Wish you a happy weekend!!


  5. Braids are so very these photos. Happy Friday doll x

  6. All braids are looking very very nice, cute, gorgeous! I love these styles. So informative post for me... Because i am hair stylist and i always learn about hair and hair styles. Nice all hair styles.