Classic blue and white toile

Monday, August 26, 2013

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I've had a love affair with the timeless, traditional style of classic blue and white toile since late 80's faux modern style went out with shoulder pads and gigantic hair.  My first apartment (circa '89) was all pastel watercolor fabrics and black lacquer art deco inspired tables and chairs. I thought I was so nouveau chic then, but thinking back...ugh!  Maybe that's why I'm not loving a lot of today's fashion that was born out of the pretentious styles of the 80's and the grunge era of the 90's. 

When I moved into my beautiful home that I'm still living in today, I decided to embrace the warm  and traditional style reminiscent of Europe. When a very discerning friend came to see my house she gave me the best compliment, "Your house is so Italian in style." At the time I thought I was going for the French chateau thing and didn't really get what she was saying. But after studying design a bit more I realized that without knowing it, I missed the French provincial region by a few hundred miles. Maybe because I like my colors deeper, my lines more ornate, and my style more passionate. I realized that I love original Italian style and that's why it's on my bucket list first to attend Milan Fashion Week even before Paris Fashion Week. Think Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Missoni....

Now, let's get some facts straight. Toile by origination is Dutch. And the fashion that inspired this post is French (Valentino). But I'm still a huge fan of Italian style, and blue and white toile is a perfect accent to it. 

Which brings me back to my home. The first things I did after I moved in was put up this gorgeous toile wallpaper in my dining room, which is still one of the most dramatic focal points of my entire house. 

With this wallpaper the room became a jewel box. Most people love it but others just don't get it. (One comment, "Oh the house came with this wallpaper? Don't worry, you can always change it.") But I won't change it. I love my toile and always will.


A touch of toile goes a long way...

Lush pink peonies are a perfect accent for blue and white china...

This Juliska ad brings the the feel of the fresh outdoors to the table...

Have a happy Monday and a great week!



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  1. Those in 'the know' realize that blue and white toile has always been 'in fashion'. Recently the classic beauty has been in the forefront of fashion and home decor.
    Smart girl - you are ahead of the curve. i LOVE your wallpaper and imagine it would be eventful to have dinner in such a pretty room.

  2. This always reminds me of my mom. She decorated with blue and white toile for years!

  3. I always equate toile with French style decor. So interesting to know it's origins are actually Dutch.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. So love blue and white for interiors and especially toile. Absolutely love your wallpaper xx

  5. LOVE you post,Sharon!

    This style with blue and white is indeed Dutch and here in Holland you can see it very much by peoples in home or by shops in Amsterdam and it's so special,SO wonderful!:)))*

    Very elegant and beautiful must be in your home,Sharon!

    Wish you fabulously great week,

    Hugs from Amsterdam,

  6. I love toile, always have admired it in home decor and for interiors. Thanks for sharing great images/post.


  7. Me too! I love love love it and these pictures are sublime, Sharon. Gotta get busy pinning :)

  8. Sharon- that toile is absolutely amazing!!!!
    I love it and that wallpaper is fabulous!!!!!
    I have some rose & cream colored toile chairs with an ottoman in my home office and I love it!!!!
    Remember the Patrick Nagel art in the 80's? Lots of my friends had that with black leather and brighter colors for decor.... Ah, the 80's!!!!
    Hope you're having a terrific week so far!!!!

  9. Gorgeous toile Sharon.. so French! The blue and whites are timeless.


  10. This is such a pretty post Sharon -I really love the sideboard with the patterned doors, and also the second last image with all the crockery. Very stylish xo

  11. Classic blue and white toile are well matched colours, you have given a nice example for it.

  12. Oh yes, YES SHARON! Blue is my favorite color of dress, a splash for home décor and of course NATURE. The sky but especially the water holds me in its grip of beauty. LOVE THAT DRESS in the first photo, and thank you dear for visiting. Anita

  13. I just can't get enough of blue and white at the moment and I've just collected wallpaper and fabric samples for our bedroom make-over. Gorgeous inspiration here!

  14. It's on my wish list to attend Milan fashion week too! BTW, the first dress...gorgeous!

    Runway Chef

    PS I saw your comment about rewardstyle...they did the same thing to me, except never even notified me! They never even answered my e-mail so I just started using other programs!

  15. Toile! Yes! I would love to see pictures of your dining room. What an elegant blog. I look forward to visiting again and thanks for recommending mine, as well.

  16. Dear Sharon, I have always had a love of toile and blue and white. Now, I really adore your stunning dining wallpaper!

    2013 Authors Series
    "Love Where You Live"

  17. Gorgeous images is my favourite colour and blue and white is so elegant and pretty...lovely post.
    Have a great week.