12 Fall Style Lessons From the Victoria's Secret Catalog

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is not a joke. As I flipped through my Fall Victoria's Secret catalog I was excited to see lots of basic style ideas that we can actually use; and almost all of them feature classic pieces we probably  already own. I have to say I'm impressed with VS's updated classy look...keep 'em coming!

PS I added links to the text so you can shop the looks straight off the blog...so click away!

Lesson 1: Accessories rule...add a fedora and hoops and you're ready to go.

Lesson 2: Multitask with a chunky sweater;  look stylish and say warm.

Lesson 3: You will never go wrong with a chambray shirt (see my post with more chambray looks HERE.)

 Lesson 4: Pair tweed with leather. Pair a maxi with a moto jacket.

Lesson 5: Layer a printed dress with a fur collared cardi for a versatile look.

Lesson 6: Fem up your leather jacket with a very berry (or any vibrant colored) dress.

Lesson 7: Pair a printed tee with a grown up jacket for a look with a lot of personality.

Lesson 8: Throw a boyfreind jacket over your summer stripes and add a beanie to bring this look into Fall.

Lesson 9: Yes, you can wear ankle booties with a super tznius midi.

Lesson 10: A puffer never goes out, and will always keep you warm.

Lesson 11: A camel coat is classic and looks great over...yes, chambray.

 Lesson 12: A fresh face is fabulous...keep your makeup minimal and your smile large.

So, which one of these lessons will you be implementing this Fall?

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  1. These are great ideas...love the fedora hat and big earrings, so chic :)) xx

  2. Hi Sharon, I am impressed! Many of these looks are really great and can be implemented with stylish items already in our closets. Add a new piece and wow!

    Feature:"Love Where You Live"

  3. can't Believe This Is victorias Secret!!
    BeautifulAndPracticalTips! Thanks For Sharing!

  4. Boy, Victoria's Secret is much more than their racy ads, huh! Some cute looks here, really like the moto jacket..hard to believe fall is almost upon us Sharon! Enjoy this last precious week of summer.

  5. Great fall tips Sharon. I like the jacket and chunky sweater:) looks so warm and cozy. Less is more when it comes to make up .. I like the natural face that you show here:)

  6. Wow - Vicky is all grown up.
    I like the Camel coloured coat, chambray shirt, tan belt and navy pants - it's classic. But lets not welcome fall just yet.

  7. I had the EXACT same reaction when I was flipping through the catalogue. Usually I don't see much I want to wear from VS, but I was pleasantly surprised! It's like they borrowed a page from J Crew - the clothes actually are stylish! I loved the hats, moto, tweed, camel, and leather. So many great layering possibilities! Can't wait for Fall!

  8. Hey Sharon..... I was stopping by in hopes you could help me with something..... I've been nominated in a Martha Stewart Contest and I am needing Votes in order to Win....I was wondering if you would mind taking the time to help me out. I am also, doing a giveaway as a Thanks for your support......just visit my blog for the links! Thanks so much in advance. If you ever need anything for me...I will be glad to return the favor...just let me know! BTW...I am your newest FB Follower!