Friday Food and Favorites: Apple Honey Pie and Plaid

Friday, August 30, 2013

First let's talk FAVORITES:

Can you be pretty in plaid?
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I was in denial for a long time. I didn't really believe that the grunge era was coming back, but there's no escaping it, it has arrived.

For me, plaid is a pattern that brings a lots of mixed emotions to the table. When it popped up with the first grunge era of the 90's it reminded me of the unattractive (or so my 8 year old self thought) A-line plaid skirts my teachers wore in the 70's. 

But then, like all  big trends, I had to try it. I recently found a photo of my younger self from the 90's sporting a pink and black plaid skirt while out with a group of friends. I remember at the time feeling like I looked so cool, but looking back, not so much.

But now, plaid is catching my attention again. My style advice? Go big and vibrant with your plaids. Mix them up with other plaids and patterns. Really go for the whole grand plaid thing. 

Go bold!

 This one kind of reminds me of my elementary school teachers:
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 Go beyond plaid by pairing it with other bold patterns such as leopard.
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 Don't want to look like you're wearing a school uniform? Add some edgy accessories.
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Plaid on plaid?...heck yeah!
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 Is she wearing the pattern from my 70's childhood sofa or is this the new chic?
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 I think berry and blue is my favorite plaid combo.
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Like yesterday's Divine and Refined Look of the Day:

So, do we love plaids or hate 'em? How do you feel about plaid?

Now let's talk FOOD:

Grunge wasn't the only thing I've been in denial about. I refused to acknowledge that I have to cook for Rosh Hashana until those last precious moments of the summer have said their goodbyes.

But now there's no looking back. 

There are many traditional and symbolic foods for Rosh Hashana, but the two that are the most famous are the apple and the honey. And with Labor Day falling out the same week as Rosh Hashana, you can't get a more appropriately Jewish American dessert than an Apple Honey Pie

Click on photo for recipe
Here's to the sweetest of New Years!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

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  1. I used to hate plaid...but I don't know I think I might like it now. I've been trying to try new things when it comes to fashion. The honey apple pie now...oh yes I could eat that! Yum!!


  2. I like plaid in the deep plum shades and you have chosen some good examples here. I just clicked on the pie for the recipe - I have to make it!

  3. I never really liked plaid until recently and now it's all I shop for! :)


  4. love tartan, I have a tartan dress I will wear in the winter as it's wool. I like that it comes in a mass of different colours and designs :)) Love the first picture...have a great weekend xx Yes yes to the pie :))

  5. Grunge was never one of my favorite trends but I don't mind a spot of stylish plaid.

    Enjoy the long weekend Sharon!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Sharon,dear!

    I do LOVe plaid....really do!:)*
    Because of cozy and very warm softness of these fabrics.

    Wishing you beautiful weeken,


  7. I love plaid - but my family is Irish so its a natural. We even have our own family tartan which is really pretty.
    I've been thinking recently about acquiring some of the fabric and having an A-line skirt made in the material. Tartan with a new classic twist.

  8. That is a total Vienna style pie(: with the puff pastry! I would say yes to that...
    And the plaid looks are hot hot hot. I have a plaid dress and always get compliments on it!
    Xo z

  9. Like you I was in denial. It does seem as though grunge is here strong. Great ideas on how to dress up plaid.


  10. I'm completely plaid-obsessed. LOVE these looks!!


  11. You absolutely read my mind - I'm obsessed with plaid this fall (and believe me, I'm so NOT a lumberjack!). I'm actively looking for the perfect red plaid shirt to go with my black H&M tuxedo jacket and chic Via Spiga ankle boots - "Polished Grunge" is what I'm calling it :-) (hey, I lived in Seattle in the 90's when I got out of law school and the look kinda stuck on me :-).

    As for the honey apple pie - looks so great, I will save for next year, but this year I will leave this to my father. It's his 83rd birthday tomorrow (YAY!) and NO ONE does an apple pie like he does!! This is his dessert, and his week :-)

    Happy New Year!!

  12. Hi Sharon!!!!!
    I love all the plaid looks you featured here!!!!!
    How was your weekend?
    Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!!!!