I guess I struck a chord

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook page and got over 200 likes in just a couple of hours. I figured it deserves its own blog post:

I guess I struck a chord.

 It wasn't like the comments were all that bad, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there was this sense of negativity coming through; a feeling of denigration and criticism that puts bad energy and bad feelings out into the world. And when it lands on my page I have a problem keeping my mouth shut. Because I know how even the tiniest bit of negativity or criticism can cause irreparable damage and hurt. When it comes to telling someone what to wear or what not to wear...then beware!

Why is this such a hot topic? I believe it's because our choice of clothing is an extension of our selves, and to criticize the way we dress is to criticise us.

The girl that we all judge because we think she dresses trashy is probably the girl who desperately needs to feel loved and is willing to get it any way she can. So why perpetuate her neediness by being judge-y and obnoxious? Do you want to help? Then love...don't judge.

 The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana is coming up in just a few days and that's when we acknowledge who the one true judge is. And if that's what we really believe, then we have no right to judge anyone. Ever. So the next time you want to whine or criticise, why not send out some positive loving energy instead.

People may want to be just like you.


Tznius: Modesty
Posek: Legal scholar who decides Jewish law
Hashem: G-d

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  1. I always say 'do not judge me, you do not know how tight the shoes are that I wear on my journey'.

    In following your blog I have learned much more about the Jewish faith. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a woman - period. As a Jewish woman you should be proud on how well you deliver the messages about your faith. I appreciate the lessons.

  2. Lovely post - wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed. If we all tried to be a little kinder everyday just think how much nicer our world would be.

  3. I think we can be very judgmental, even people who say they are not judgmental, they still judge in some ways. I don't see the point really, we all live life and have ups and downs and are trying to find our way. The last thing one should do is make it harder for another. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Though, I've noticed that sometimes the ones that say these things are the very ones that aren't so nice to others, they just like to hear their own voices. So, I try not to be that kind of person either and do as I say and think. It's always lovely to hear of the Jewish culture, I find it very interesting :)) Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  4. Dear Sharon I applaud you for letting your thoughts be known, the world HAS become very judgmental and mean spirited.

    What happened to "if you can't say anything nice, then do not say anything!"

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