10 Styling Tips We Can Learn From Rachel Zoe…New Mom of Baby Boy Number 2

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Congratulations to Rachel Zoe who recently gave birth to baby boy number 2. It makes you wonder…how does she do it all? Being a mommy is so emotionally draining and time consuming. Obviously someone like Rachel Zoe has lots of help, but I'm assuming, like all of us, she puts being a good mom on the top of her priority list. And yet she manages to always look great. It is possible!

Taking care of yourself is important and will actually benefit your kids. A mom who values herself will have kids who value their mom…and themselves. And when you take the time to care for yourself, you ertainly feel better, which ultimately helps you be a better giver.

Still clueless on how to put yourself together with ease? Let's take a cue from uber-stylist and mom Rachel, starting with these 10 styling tips:

Styling Tip 1: We all know that wearing black is the easiest and chicest way to pull ourselves together. But how do you take this basic to the next level in style? Try mixing textures when going monochromatic, and add a pop of color with your make up choices.
Styling Tip 2: Never be afraid to sparkle. Go bold for evening! When wearing full sequins accessorize minimally.
 Styling Tip 3: Bring a no-brainer outfit from ho-hum to wow with lots of great accessories. Think hats, sunglasses, a great bag and statement shoes.
 Styling Tip 4: Adding a scarf is a great way to add some personal flair (and warmth) to your outfits.
Styling Tip 5: Don't be afraid of bold patterns. Sometimes you just have to do it!

 Styling Tip 6: It won't even matter what you're wearing if your makeup and jewelry are polished and impeccable. A single line of winged liner is a perfect compliment to a bold lip.
 Styling Tip 7: Have fun! Life can be serious so let your fashion be your little slice of heaven.
 Styling Tip 8: A modest neckline and sleeves allows your gorgeous face to shine and your inner essence to be expressed.

 Styling Tip 9: When wearing your hair back (or throwing on a hat because you don't have time or patience for the sheitel) always add a fabulous pair of earrings to elongate you face.
Styling Tip 10: Be unique…covered up can be oh so chic!
Shop Rachel's sunglasses.

Have a great day, do the best you can, and be proud of that!



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  1. awesome post!
    I love Rachel Zoe<3
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hoilday!


  2. Good morning Sharon! I did not have internet access for several days since I've been visiting with family in California! YOU should have seen where I was; I went to Santa Monica where the shopping was incredibly elegant. You would have loved it.

    Thanks for always presenting such beautiful fashion tips. Happy New Year, beautiful Sharon! Anita

  3. I cant even begin imagining what it must be like to be able to shop like Zoe! Amazing and I wish I has 1/10th the clothes she has.. or style for that matter!!

  4. I love Rachel Zoe's original style AND modest(yet stunning) outfits. Thanks for the great tips as usual - especially scarves (the only way I'm surviving this winter)!!

  5. Tips 2 4 7 and 8 are fabulous. The blue of the ocean, stars shining at night.

  6. I love Rachel Zoe she is fabulously fashionable, great style.
    But, have you seen her reality show called The Rachel Zoe Project? She is a bit of a nut... Bananas, mage...

  7. Hey babe! I do love her style! Maybe I need to take some notes from her style play book ;) Happy Holidays!!!


  8. She is fabulous! And, she can make anyone look like a superstar. Totally A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
    Happy New Year !!!