Just In Time For The New Year: Karms!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

With 2013 coming to a close and a new year upon us, many a thought are on self improvement and creating change for ourselves. One of the things I'm a big advocate of is taking care of yourself so you can better take care of others. Wouldn't that make a great new years resolution? And it's actually something that doesn't require starvation or endless hours sweating in the gym. Think about how you can make small changes every day doing things that will enhance and even change your life. 

To watch my latest video on why we have a hard time sticking to New Years Resolutions click HERE

Here are some of my ideas of easy resolutions that can make a difference with little effort: 

Do yoga
Meet a friend for coffee
Cultivate a new friendship
Make a daily gratitude list
Cook a healthy meal for yourself
Put on makeup
Make your bed
Buy yourself flowers
Go for a walk
Spend no phone time with your spouse
Sit Down and Eat a Healthy Lunch
Take a Nap
Breathe Deeply
Wear more color and accessories

For those of you who like that last item on the list and want to revamp your style a bit, here's a fun and completely innovative accessory to get that new year's resolution off with a bang:

I mentioned Karms in this post and had so much fun wearing them that I wanted to tell you more about them:

Here's a little background...Nancy Bloomfield, creator of Karms says:

"Growing up with sisters and a perfectly groomed mom, I was always aware of fashion trends, what looked good on what body type and what was affordable and fun. I loved experimenting with different looks, in vogue or vintage but often found that I was searching for an item that just didn't exist. A fashion item that would make a statement, unique yet functional.
Something specific for today's woman. 
Sure there were items for your hair, your body, your legs ….  but nothing out there for our arms, nothing to accessorize arms, nothing fun, nothing functional, no bells and whistles.
So, here it is, Karms, easy to wear add on sleeves. They are available in all colors and textures, fun and playful for everyday and exotic...for nighttime.
Want to kick up your office look? Add a pair of lace Karms and voila, ready for evening. Want to liven up your little black dress, accessorize with Karms and your LBD has an original look and personality each time. Want to wear that gorgeous sleeveless outfit but are not on good terms with your upper arms, add your Karms and say hello to a whole new you.
They look great and feel luxurious. 
Give them a try and see how they can spice up your look!"
So, whether you're looking to add warmth, make an outfit more modest, or just add a burst of color or texture, Karms are a really fun and fabulous way to spruce up your outfit! I was especially impressed with the design aesthetic, it was clear that lot of thought went into creating them. 

Here are some of the ways I styled my Karms. The possibilities are endless!

 Buy these poka dot Karms HERE

Buy these Karms HERE

Photo Credits Sarah Lasry/The Patchke Princess

And guess what? We're GIVING AWAY a pair of Karms! You get to choose from one of these six styles.

Here is how you enter:

Go to Karms.com and leave a comment here on the blog which style is your favorite.

Like Karms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional entries. Make sure you leave a comment with your user name or email for every entry so we can contact you if you win.

Good luck!



This is a sponsored post. All opinions here are mine and true.

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  1. Klassic Ruby is so pretty!

  2. Brhauer@gmail.com by the way :)

  3. Love the New years resolution of things that are effortless to achieve, and good for you too! Love the Karms what a fun giveaway!!
    Have a fab New Year!!!
    xo Karolyn

  4. Good afternoon, GORGEOUS ONE!

    Sharon, I am so touched to read your list of ways to ring in the new year. What I noticed about every single idea, whether it was an action toward someone else or yourself, is this:


    Love yourself, love others. Isn't love an endless goal by which we can experience through FUN and inventive ways? I love that you start off with prayer.

    Those Karms are fantastic! These could come in handy for the kind of cold weather we get, you on the east coast and me in the midwest! I spent my holiday in Southern California where it was 85 degrees. UNREAL!

    Like always, your glorious features are a joy to see. Woman, you should be a model! Love your little boots and fabulous black dress with the full skirt!

    PEACE for 2014! Anita

  5. I like you of list of resolutions!

    The Karms are a great idea.

  6. I am legitimately so obsessed with the leopard Karms. So cool!

  7. Hi Sharon!!!!!!!
    How was your Christmas?
    The Karms are very cool- the photo of you is fabulous!!!!
    Hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!!!!

  8. I like the multi chevron, and the bejeweled velvet.

  9. This was beautiful...I agree with all you said!! You look smashing!! What a wonderful product!! I like the bejeweled one!! It's perfect on you :)) I hope your New Year is happy and bright with lots of love, happiness and fun times!! Xoxo

  10. these are so cool! love the lace ones. thanks for sharing some new year inspiration! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  11. Koko chanel.
    Instantly brightens up any plain black or white outfit. Or color. LOVE it!

  12. the navy poka dot one!! estee.lovelokshon@gmail.com

  13. these are so awesome! love the leopard ones! ps. you look gorgeous,I especially love the black outfit!! so glam!

  14. Too hard to chose between leopard and velvet! BTW these are your prettiest pictures yet! :) aya770 gmail com

  15. Such great resolutions :) I'm still working on my New Years resolutions!

  16. King of the jungle is my favorite!!

    Love your blog